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God's Final Words Are Always In The Making, Once Your Acts Have Spoken - Poem by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

In matters of God, God is
Trying his very best to really take under his arms
All types of you religionists across his globe of hope.

Some of you, understandably, are so
Madly in love with the most beautiful and
Very own pictures of yours of
The One and Only,
While all what God wants
Is to bring the divided groups of all of you down
From his - or should we say your -
Cross of misunderstood soul-in-God.

Who could blame God if he had
Grown weary of your emotional twists & ignorant strikes
In his names.

Imagine God a devoted lover
Whose endearing character is
Alway also, aside from all sworn-in
Loving feelings amongst brotherly hosts,
All the while being disputed over all along his stationings,
By your many factions, so passionately fond of
Quarreling over questions of
Who's got the best flyers &
Who's got the best courts of weapons
For your Only One to wear as THE truly divine decoration,
Whereas actually all the emblems of all of you are but of
So many different brotherhoods of only one,
The One and Only that you have named,
And maimed, by being your only one, as
Secluded from the others.

None of you would want to see any
Brother of yourselves treated the same way
As you are - indirectly or ignorant - all the same -
Treating God, the One and Only,
Who out of his endless love
Condescends always to come to his true believers in exactly
The very faces and personages in whom you are conferring to
Her in him, or Him in her.

No one should think God were a fool
Not to have noticed all the clamour
Raised about the Greater Self?

But how else to spur the animal soul into evolving further?
Being human is a state of becoming, unlike
Animalhood and Divinity, which are respectively
Standing base and Head of all Being,

And it is our fate that
We humans were made to be life's fulfilling vessel.

People better therefore stand in
In line with one another together -
And leave the good temple priests of whatever
Their Gods and Goddesses and
Whatever the nature of their mystic rites
Converse happily with their Gods and Goddesses in peace,
For blessings showered more and more abundantly
On all earnest spiritists and you believers,

And we'll all fare happier in the end.

After over two thousand years into time
It were enough with all those sympathetic commemorations,
To finally stop celebrating on a daily level the religious triumph
Won through the bloody deed of an unholy crucifixion,

And it were sufficient
Just on one day of the year, on Good Friday that is, to
Gather for the memory of the cruel crucifixion worldwide,
And once this achieved, we might start to
Convert all mosques into churches, and
All churches into mosques, and after that only
We may earnestly think of restoring paradise on earth -
By abolishing money, the root of all evil...

After Isa is let down from his cross......
And money had become abolished by panvoluntaristic networks of
All give-and-take over the globe's nations,
All of us, we then may start counting a new epochal round of years,
Hopefully a better one then,
All over again, from zero.

For better or worse, as always luckily will be our
Freely-chosen human destiny.

Topic(s) of this poem: god

Form: Hymn

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