Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Rookie - 171 Points (January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

Erhard Hans Josef Lang Poems

1. Why Things Don'T Think Of Us, Too, In Return? 12/30/2005
2. Sunday Mass For The Vain 2/13/2006
3. Light Night Breeze To One Who Calls Himself A Friend 3/14/2006
4. Is Death Really Of The Nature Of Life, Dear God? 6/14/2006
5. The Bowing Millennium Miracle 6/23/2006
6. The Scarecrow (Translation) 6/24/2006
7. On Bare Feet (Translation) 6/24/2006
8. The Legend Of The Clocks (Translation) 6/25/2006
9. Flying The Dragon 7/5/2006
10. The Laurel Wreath (Translation) 7/5/2006
11. In Bird's Manner (Translation) 7/5/2006
12. The Giant's Plaything (Transl. And Its Original In German) 7/5/2006
13. The Fool (Translation) 7/8/2006
14. Changing Places Between Divine And Human 7/9/2006
15. Uuno Kailas - At The Frontier (Translation) 7/11/2006
16. Uuno Kailas - Contemplation (Translation) 7/23/2006
17. Events That Make The Years Go Counted 7/29/2006
18. One-Liner: The Mind Is One Network 8/9/2006
19. Stunning Stunt Smash-Hit Lesson 8/14/2006
20. What If The Stars Were Barred From Glittering 8/15/2006
21. Wanna Have A Non-Fictional Poem Popularized By Having It Sued Through American Courts? 9/2/2006
22. Verses Of The Sacred Vedas Of India On The Act Of Creation (Traditional) 9/5/2006
23. God's Final Words Are Always In The Making, Once Your Acts Have Spoken... 9/10/2006
24. Expanding With Ancient Seers' Cosmic Mind Into States Of Bliss 9/16/2006
25. Man Wasn'T Meant To Trudge On For Ever In The Mire 9/26/2006
26. No Bars To Blooming Spirits In A Big World 10/11/2006
27. India's Truthful Imagery On Cosmic Supervision Versus Creation 10/12/2006
28. Offered As Taken (On The Wings Of A Prayer) 10/14/2006
29. Motion For Peace (Translation) 10/15/2006
30. Eclipsing Untimely Queues On Whims Of Practical Intuition 10/18/2006
31. To The Fountain Of Bandusia (Translation) 11/6/2006
32. The Song Of Hafiz (Translation With Original In Finnish) 11/9/2006
33. Life Is In No Hurry To Evolve 11/12/2006
34. Stefan Zweig (Translation With The Original In German) 11/26/2006
35. The Moon (Translation With The Original In Finnish) 12/20/2006
36. Prayer (Translation With Its Original In Finnish) 12/25/2006
37. Dumping The Biggest Multiple Nuisance Factor 1/24/2007
38. Geese That Start To Prick The Spotless 2/15/2007
39. Uuno Kailas - The Day Tomorrow (Translation) 2/21/2007
40. Yahvet's Falling In Love (Translation With Original) 3/21/2007
Best Poem of Erhard Hans Josef Lang

The Will In The Animal

Why won't the acclaimedly intelligent beings of the animal world,

Called the humans,

Eventually understand the language of their fellow creatures?

What for example the message of two cute icebears were,
Who, amidst the dreadful melting away,
From underneath their bear feet, of
Their ice-shaped habitat on the Polar Cap,
Experienced already for over two generations,
Took to such great pains as to

Embarking on a hazardous
Kind of last-chance kamikaze trip of
Hundreds of kilometers,
Partially swimming, partially afloat
Atop drifting ...

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When The War Is Over

Nothing better to do
Than making many many more babies!

When the war is over.

But for God's sake and for
The hope of this new post-ethnic race of humans,
Let us for once come up with truly
Substantial improvements in

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