Erhard Hans Josef Lang Poems

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Changing Places Between Divine And Human

If God were a man, he might descend on earth,
open shop down here,
like all the other fellows do,
charge his tokens for his rays of sun


Hair-raising novelty;
Unbelievable story.
Yet something truly experienced.
In India all of them were all ears,

The Will In The Animal

Why won't the acclaimedly intelligent beings of the animal world,

Called the humans,

Flying The Dragon

Modern man has come to know
to tame the horse for riding it.
Why would our hominide ancestors,
contemporaries of dinosaurs,

From Out Of My Heart... (Translation With Original)

From out of my heart I despise
Each and every slave of material matters

Is Death Really Of The Nature Of Life, Dear God?

Are we really present in this body
when we pass at night
through our lands of dream?
Supposed we wanted to

Why Things Don'T Think Of Us, Too, In Return?

Why not let troubled things talk and hold council with you?
Or do you relish the birth-pangs' banging between clashes?
Things can't talk, yes, or can they? !
You may only proffer your own fantasy

One-Liner: The Mind Is One Network

How could one imagine what it
sounded like when starting to
learn a foreign language,
merely from the books, and had

The Seer, our father, once offered all these worlds in oblation,
assuming a priestly role,
and sought to gain riches by the power of prayer;
he himself entered later creations, while shrouding in mystery

Against All Odds - Meetings With An Indian Railway God

This is a true story that occurred in my life,
Which goes to show
What a limitless power it is -
The urge of Mind's sway.

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