God The Invisibility Poem by william Dadeah Jr.

God The Invisibility

Rating: 4.8

God the invisibility
through which light glows
The great desert
through which water flows
In all essence that is of awe to know
The maker, in whom which lives show

God the invisibility
through which gift is hail
The wind within the sea,
which anchors ships to sail
The amplifier of a syncopated tone that moan
Take heed notice
that it is he in whom praise is known

God the invisibility of miracles
through the ceasing of an eye
The distant of the blue sky beyond so high
The narrow of a road
through which life unfold
The distinct of a treasure,
like a gleaming gold

God the invisibility
through which heart is love
The season of time
on earth below and above
So it is true that a man
will never see the light
Till his faith is held
fast with days through sight

God the invisibility
of goodness in hardship of time
Through each year
the bell tolls and chime
So to know greatness
is to call upon a name
In heaven that which is divine with fame

God the invisibility
of peace on earth
The source of life,
which breathe breath
The inner being of men souls in measure
The one and only means of treasure

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