God The King

The Lord is King, He is clothed with majesty and strength.
His throne, has been firm from the beginning,
And he existed before the time began.

Remember us being human, when we are weak in spirit,
Shattered with troubles and against anyone.
Remind us to come to you in prayer and supplication,
Give us the glimpse of you in our thoughts in dreams,
In our mind in vision to humble our selves to you.
We are asking the Divine guidance to ease our trouble selves.

You are kind, merciful, lovable and forgiving,
Stubborn in love. You never give up on us,
you are beautiful and sweet. You are a happy God.
You want us to enjoy our existence with you.
You are our creator. The true freedom of our life is
To live with you, in trusting and obeying you.

Help us to trust you more when things go wrong,
When things not right to our own perspectives and deeds.
That you, only you can make it right. Give us knowledge,
Wisdom and understanding to see your invisible self
To our senseless and reasoning selves for our correction
And mistakes. We have faith in you, we believe in you.
Help us to stay connected with you, to fully surrender
Our life to you. You have done so amazing and
Wonderful things from the past, up to this time.
We love you, we needed you every day, always and
Forever and ever. Amen.

(c)Jocelyn Dunbar-Sumido
26 April 2020
10: 13 AM