God's Call? Poem by Michael J Williams

God's Call?

I thought I heard God call my name
And I was proud for my belief
Then God called out my prideful shame
And I suffered bouts of grief
I know the Faith's great doctrines
I know them to a fault
But when God called my name again
It became a grand assault
Turns out the things I held esteemed
Weren't quite so sacrosanct
God explained the ‘truths' I held so dear
Were false attempts, to explain His mind,
Self-serving lies, and earthly fabrication
Dubious interpretations of His intent,
Causing human lamentation
God said if He ever needed help,
to spread His holy word,
There would be absolute no doubt as to how and when
If I'd only, truly, heard God's call
I might have found my way to Heaven
Now I fear I've incurred the wrath of God
Now I'm left with doubt and indecision

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