Michael J Williams Poems

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If I Could Finish

If I could only finish what I started
I'd let the fates portend my end
If only my deeds would not be thwarted
My soul would ably, no doubt, ascend

Bookworm Love

The excitement of a bookshop full of volumes he's never read
Causes the bibliophile to lose his bookish head
He anticipates the possibilities of getting lost, with mirth,
In some rare and undiscovered tome… for a fraction of its worth!


Sometimes I go inside my brain
where memories reside
visiting times from youth
where fears and pleasantries collide


I can't believe I'm in this position
The world has gone insane
My family is my only comfort …
and my greatest source of pain

A Working Man's Purpose

Forty years on a factory floor… makes a man cold, hard and efficient
With an economy of motion, he accomplishes his tedious task
After the work is all done, the ‘working man's curse' comes a calling
Weekends are full of aches, pains and aggravations most proficient

What's Important

I wanted to do important things,
But life got in the way
Great deeds were to be performed… and respected
I wanted to be someone relevant,

Will I Be Forgotten?

I'm afraid that I'll be forgotten
Like so many men before
Who recalls their great-great ancestors,
From ancient times of yore?

Death And A Lonely Young Man

'Come be with me, and you shall see
I'll make your problems go away'
said Death as she pressed her cold lips near mine
At last I realized the only kiss of desire that I had ever known

Small Clay Marble

Don't go in the basement
It's a scary place to be
There's a little boy
Who lurks down there

Finding Salvation

What person,
who has ever lived
has never said
'I am broken, and I cannot go on this way anymore'

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