God's Gracious Gifts Of Words And Rhymes! Poem by Denis Martindale

God's Gracious Gifts Of Words And Rhymes!

God's gracious gifts of words and rhymes transcend the world we know,
The best of times, the worst of times, according to their flow.

For Man lives as a mortal mind contained within a frame,
So curious it needs to find whatever there's to claim.
That's why some men had faith to fly, applying science well,
Then built machines to take them high with wondrous tales to tell.
And words and rhymes have led the way, once angels were revealed,
Within the Scriptures that men say, with treasures still to yield.

Yes, there are hymns and songs of praise, translated here and there,
How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, what songs with these compare?
And if I, too, pick up the pen, composing thoughts and themes,
God knows what blessings happen then, from prophecies and dreams,
From visions and from parables, calligraphy and art,
From fervent prayers and miracles, from love stirred in my heart.

A special lifelong destiny then overspills life's end,
Continuing the legacy that stays as Mankind's friend.
Consider all the greats that were, God's poets of renown,
And all the hearts they chose to stir, each must deserve a crown,
A thank-you from the Lord above, for meditations shared,
A well done from the King of Love to each of these who cared.

The gracious gifts of words and rhymes God gave them one by one,
Until each poet dies then climbs the stairway to God's Son…

Denis Martindale, the 17th of May 2023.

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God's Gracious Gifts Of Words And Rhymes!
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: love of poetry
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