Mary, Mother Of Jesus Poem by Denis Martindale

Mary, Mother Of Jesus

In Roman times, when swords were raised,
And peace on Earth was rare,
There lived a girl now highly praised,
A girl beyond compare...
Her name was Mary, Joseph's love,
Betrothed, untouched by Man...
Who met an angel from above
Who then revealed God's plan!
'Young maiden, you are full of grace!
The Lord chose you of all!
You shall conceive and then embrace
The child that God must call!
He shall be king and rightly so,
Begotten of the Lord!
And blessed is he, God's Son to know...
So, Mary, be assured! '
God's Son was born as prophesied!
To Mary, here on Earth...
In time, she saw Him crucified!
Esteemed not for His worth!
Her heart was broken just like His!
She held his mortal frame!
And neath her tears, a final kiss
As she whispered His name...
Her heart was numbed just like her soul...
With trembling hands she prayed...
Although she knew God kept control,
Her spirit was dismayed!
With trembling lips she sought His peace,
Like none on Earth before!
In hopes her faith would thus release
A miracle and more!
When Jesus left His tomb of death,
The sun was rising, too...
The Saviour savoured God's new breath
And knew what He must do...
'With God, all things are possible!
Forgiveness, born of faith! '
Such is the Gospel preached by Paul
To those whom God would save...

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