Golden-Haired Lorelei's Tantalising Song Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

Golden-Haired Lorelei's Tantalising Song

The world is an extremely dangerous place
The Rhineland is a land of kings, beautiful girls, rivers, forests and reindeer
The Rhine city-states were the most powerful kingdom in the kingdom of the Rhineland, like the Lydian state of the rich Saint. The city of Goarshausen has a castle on a steeply sloping cliff
He ruled the country with the king and his daughter
At least the castle doesn't have to worry about paying the electricity bill. The king lived for his daughter
And the daughter for her father.

Enjoyable times in the rainbow scale
The king's daughter Loreley, weighed in gold, played the scale of music, the scale of colours, with her instrument in her hand. She sang tales to the mists above the Rhine.
The river flowed bluer with song
Flowers bloomed colourful and beautiful with songs. The birds would accompany Loreley's songs with their chirps, King Saint. And if the city of Goarshausen
His daughter Lorelei is the soul of the city.

On a beautiful May day
The sun is loreley's with a vital joy
Peeling oranges in her golden hair.
Loreley lying on the grass singing to the deer from the woods.
Suddenly a human shadow fell on the grass
Lorelei could not recognise his face at first because of the sun.
She was standing in front of him with her wavy black hair. A body as perfect as the statue he had seen in the castle... In her green eyes
Lorelei seemed lost.
The young man plucked a flower and placed it reverently in her golden hair. He left without a word.

In the large hall of the castle, Loreley and his father receive political and business travellers. There is a familiar face among the strangers. The merchant and sailing traveller
His name is Ersnt and his voice is confident and harmonious
He brought gifts and toasts were exchanged. The young man invited Loreley and her father to his ship and charmed them with his courtesy and kindness. Wherever Loreley went, the lad was there. Lorelei felt uneasy whenever she didn't see him.
His songs became more cheerful.

Lorelei and the young man, hand in hand and lip to lip.
There were no lip-reading specialists in those days.
But he specialises in kissing from the lips to the heart. Loreleir dreamt she saw herself and then the boy in the deepest part of the Rhine. When she told him about her dream.
He could not understand how his eyes squinted and became sad
The world is an extremely dangerous place
The world is a dangerous place for Lorelei

How stomach and liver do not fall in love
There is no love in the heart
The lad was the leader of the 39th step espionage organisation. Don't let Alfred Hitchcock hear it.
In 39.steep, the leader of the spy organisation
He's old and he's got no pinkie toe.
He has a long, artistic hand.
When Lorelei was a child in the secret passages of the palace.
While telling the young man how you play hide and seek,
the two of them laughed a lot.

Sherlock Holmes 39 steps against the spy organisation
Old lion versus young lion
The king lost his mind and Loreley his soul when his father's guard commander told him that Ernst was the leader of the 39th step spy organisation. Robots have no love.
People have love. Loreley wanted to hate. She felt like if she hated the lad, she'd hate the whole world. She wanted to get her beautiful Apollo's head
He didn't want to see the executioner's axe.
Love defeated even the dungeon walls.

The next day, there was only one question on everyone's mind. Lorelei saved the spy.
Lorelei saw the growing suspicion in the eyes of the people at the castle.
Fate in his father's eyes.
The lines on his face deepened.
Her father didn't even want to see Lorelei.
The world is sometimes a very dangerous place. You have to break your heart at least once to sing a love song. A restless time without joy.
The colours are fading. Birds and deer mourn. The music is sad on Lolerei's fateful lips.

His father, Loreldan, was condemned to a lifelong monastery
He wanted it closed. Lorelei, the fated victim of love, set out for the monastery with three soldiers. When he came to the cliff where they sat together, he asked permission from the soldiers. He looked at the horizon line where his lover disappeared with his ship.

Hate born of love
Lorelei desperately realised she'd lost the two men in her life.
All the mysteries, contradictions and solutions of your life are hidden in you.
Life 39 steps secret organisation
You lost your love to a spy.

Water and fire against....the burning hatred like the sun warmed Loreley's heart. Loreley didn't want to live with this hatred. She wanted to quench the flames of hatred in her heart with water. He threw himself into the Rhine where the snow melted. The last thing the soldiers saw
Lorelei had golden curls.

it's not the memories that keep you alive.
Immortal memories kill. Love is the sky.
Stars not born in the sky
He's busy dying on earth

Lorelei's songs
To the Bob Dylan song.
what Bob Dylan said
'He who is not busy being born is busy dying' (He who is not busy being born again is busy dying) .
The reward of love is death..

MAY 23
The sea and the moon are dark, armed people and the 39th step leader
The ship sailed to Lolerey's country
The choppy sea and the dark moon is a hidden and disguised mission. With a sudden raid
They hope to take the king hostage through the castle's secret passages.39th step leader
He wants both Loreley and his country together.
He wants to rescue Loreley from the dungeon and become her hero. To annex his country to his own king. The city and castle of Saint Goarshausen are in front of them like trophies.

In the narrowest part of the river, the song of the mermaid and the nymph suddenly surrounds the ship with its melodies. It is like a lullaby soothing a child. Sadness and joy are getting stronger and stronger.
As the song strains the sailors' brains
Blood started coming out of his ears.

The moon is dark and there's wind
The ship of love that has lost its sails and crew
Drifting on the rocks
Sirens and lorelei singing
With the song that lures the golden-haired lolerei
He calls your ship to the rocks.
The dark moon. The dark moon is the dark moon

At a time when planets, hearts and death cards are opened,
The ship sank into dark waters.
The lorelei, for which ballads were composed, poems were written, statues were made and weighed with gold
All he wanted was to love and be loved.

During the planetary retrograde
Every 20 years on the 23rd of May
Loreley and the sirens called the ships to the rocks.

Isn't every deceived woman a little lolerey?
The golden-haired Lolerei
is the rocky 39th step.
The world is an extremely dangerous place

As long as people exist
The golden-haired lolerei
is the rocky 39th step.

5 May 2021
16.53 hours

'The fairest of girls, the fairest of girls, sits there, above, combing her sun-coloured hair, Her golden jewel shining, singing in her enchanting voice, A sailor in his little boat, hears this melody, A cruel pain grips his heart, He does not realise that he is approaching the rocks, He cannot take his eyes off the heaven above: The sailor and the boat were swallowed by the waves. All this was caused by dear Lorelei, with her enchanting songs...'
Heinrich Hein

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