Sweetheart City Omdurman Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Sweetheart City Omdurman

Rating: 4.0

My awesome city is the place where we find ourselves breath out happily and feeling peace and happiness that scattering us get back feeling the tranquility of its surroundings.

There is no a place like Omdurman can make us feel tremendous peace; swaying in where roses bloom upon tree in a field.

There is such an inspiration always glows in our heart unfold in Omdurman city; when I go to bed at night, my breathing space to support life glide along to survive over suffering rolls on shoulders are taking soreness of life burdensome like storm waver.

We are children of this beautiful city Omdurman; I'm so proud, I adore it like noon and earth flows on our blood and veins like endless course.

There is such bliss in Omdurman city where I was born, where I brought up, where I discovered true from false, where I found that fire does not just burn houses but hearts.

You are a fantastic homeland where is a top dollar cost of living, most of them are coming throughout Sudan caring and giving each other shoulder to shoulder instilling love.

In the deep beauty of hometown; there are many multi-clans are mingling whole together in huge charming city of creativeness in the same course, I brought up and studied.

Our gorgeous landscape stretches out in all directions, broken only by wind-hewed of sandstone; the enclosures of ages' city becomes dreamlike on the horizon.

You are going to see heaps of earth piles up the generous and the noble over the best part lovey city Omdurman, you can see our beloved Omdurman is historical and cultural city.

Marvel beautiful sights outstanding, decorated landscapes found out in the city, incredible places will be loved visiting the camel market charm your soul.

Omdurman is an amazing city also fills with flea and street markets that sell many types of foods, hand-crafts, souvenirs and more.

You can gaze its beauty while you come through gathering with family, relatives and mates.

Omdurman is a popular city has astonished attractions that hold much history from ancient times.

If you're wondering about where you can go and all the places you can visit in my darling Omdurman city, there's quite a few; you'll get to enjoy adventures in places will charm your vision and make you great: White Nile Bridge. Al-Imam Al-Mahdi tomb. Blue Nile Bridge.

Old mosque Omdurman city rises like star above in the sky, sunset falls like tiresome pair of hands turns into tightly clenched fists in of darkness.

My gorgeous city Omdurman is a giant standing firm on its own ground within glorious up like fold like page into dropping a vital on their pillows.

This poem is dedicated to my lovely Hometown Omdurman, Arabic Umm Durmān, one of the Three Towns (with Khartoum and Khartoum North) , east-central Sudan. Situated on the bank of the main Nile River just below the confluence of the Blue and White Niles, Omdurman was an insignificant riverine village until the victory of Muḥammad Aḥmad, known as al-Mahdī, over the British in 1885. Al-Mahdī and his successor, the caliph ʿAbd Allāh, made it their capital, and it grew rapidly as an unplanned town of mud houses. Omdurman was captured by Anglo-Egyptian forces led by Major General Sir Herbert (later Lord) Kitchener in 1898 but continued to develop into the cultural, religious, and commercial centre of Sudan.
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