Anarchy Poem by John McCrae


Rating: 3.4

I saw a city filled with lust and shame,
Where men, like wolves, slunk through the grim half-light;
And sudden, in the midst of it, there came
One who spoke boldly for the cause of Right.

And speaking, fell before that brutish race
Like some poor wren that shrieking eagles tear,
While brute Dishonour, with her bloodless face
Stood by and smote his lips that moved in prayer.

"Speak not of God! In centuries that word
Hath not been uttered! Our own king are we."
And God stretched forth his finger as He heard
And o'er it cast a thousand leagues of sea.

Rekha Mandagere 11 December 2011

The poet deeply touches the cry of this modern era in which man finds himself as everything! Godless, fearless, valueless moribund world in which man finds himself supreme but the truth is, he is leading anarchic life! The poet has used wise imagery and it is highly educative.

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Joseph Poewhit 11 December 2009

Poem shows that GOD runs the show here on earth - the stage.

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Ronald Shields 11 December 2012

typical god...always overreacting

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Hasan Haskovic 11 December 2012

Excellent, truly explicit and direct!

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Sarrah Ibrahim 11 December 2012

By far one of my fav poems in here! ! Thanks!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 January 2022

A powerful well expressed poem embellished with compelling images.

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Chinedu Dike 28 January 2022

A profound piece set aside for deep reflective thought.....

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Therese Bull 11 November 2021

The re-der here dishonors tthe poem with her fl-t delivery. Find some other re-der to do justice to MMcR-e's words.

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Hmm 31 October 2021

Very good🤐🤐🤐

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hiiiiiiiiiiii 27 May 2019

what form of poem is this

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John McCrae

John McCrae

Guelph, Ontario
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