Good Vibes Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Good Vibes

Good vibes she had
She used to come around at noon
and ask what assignment the chemistry teacher had left for us
In the afternoon we would discuss math and chuckle
Loved to see her smile because it sent this breeze over my soul
She had good vibes
and the morning sunshine would get me along my way
Heading to her house to drop her chocolate bars and see if she got the work right
Good vibes she dropped on me and made be believe this world was mine
No lie I could feel my feet get lifted off the ground
every time me and her got to walk around
Her Good vibes made the birds on the trees want to eavesdrop on us
because she was something sacred
It made the mango trees want to drop leaves on us
Because in her soul she harbored something different
Made the rain want to drip on us
It was the way she walked, way she talked
That made me want to be around her forever and a day
She talked good, then held my hand tightly
Not even the strongest storm could do us part
Her hair fell on her shoulders
and the beauty of her words and wisdom made me even more submerged
and lost in her Love, deep vibes She had
Was it her charms..? I don't know but all the fellows
started to get jealous, rumors creeping about how I never take my time with her
or good enough about how I didn't care enough about how she felt
Her good vibes sheltered her all this long from their careless whispers
and divergent rumors, she could care less about what you or your clan thought about us
We were not put on this earth to be perfect
But in her heart, there laid perfection
In her eyes the gates to her treasure
She kept her love for me hidden like a deep treasure
Good vibes she had, why you ask, best believe me
Good vibes that go deeper she still has.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: readers
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