Gossamer Wings Poem by Juan Olivarez

Gossamer Wings

Rating: 2.6

I had a dream, that I could fly,
On gossamer wings, in the clear blue skies.
Floating above the Earth below,
Going where the air currents chose to go.

I dreamt I soared above the sea,
Just by myself, there was only me.
Watching the sun rise over the brine,
Not one other soul could I find.

I soared over deserts and mountains high,
On my gossamer wings, in the clear blue sky.
And I was alone and feeling free,
But so much loneliness was a part of me.

The last creature on Earth, flying high,
Searching for life, and I started to cry.
What use to me were gossamer wings,
If all over the world, there were no living things.

12/11/10 Alton Texas

Juan Olivarez 15 October 2020

Always thought I left something out.

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Leon Somer 13 December 2012

Your poem is magnificent. Very well written and wonderful imagery, while I was reading it I actually wrote one of my own. Hope you don’t mind that it inspired me. Desert In early morning light, temperatures starts to rise, On raven wings, I dreamed I could fly, Summers heat making the image wave, Over land that workers spent their life to pave. Not a single thing remained green, No place to rest, no songs to sing, Watching the heat ripple and writhe, I felt the ground so far below was as a tide. I searched farther to find my rest, And I looked so far and wide, Only thing moving in emptiness, Was the waving earth tide. Leon Somer 12-13-12

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