Grandpa Where Are You? Poem by Anne Unknown

Grandpa Where Are You?

There he sat, in his chair,
smiling at two of his granddaughters,
they love him with all their young hearts,
and he loves them with his old heart.

There he lay, in a hospital bed,
he weakens and this time,
although he may love his family with all his might,
he shall not get better again.

There he sat, taking shallow breaths,
the doctors say he is stable,
but he knows his heartbeats are numbered.

There he lay, in the coffin,
when most of his family are grieving at his funeral,
mourning there loss of grandpa, father, husband or brother.

They know he is at peace,
but the pain does not lessen,
They still miss his feeble laugh...

Here I sit, thinking about my grandpa,
tears rolling down my cheek,
although it may sound odd,
I feel him near me,
and it frightens me.

Here I lay, in my bed,
without sleep,
Where are you Grandpa?
the question rings in my ears,
although I do not know the answer,
I know he is safe and at peace.

Adeline Foster 07 December 2013

Lovely expressive poem. Read mine - If There Be No God - Adeline

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Afzal Shauq 08 October 2009

yea you are right and its also a very good and meaningful poem with alot of reailty touch for grand pa..well done..loved it 10/10

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Carol Gall 28 September 2009

if you feel him near you do not worry

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Anne Unknown

Anne Unknown

Den Helder, Netherlands
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