Anne Unknown Poems

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Things To Do

A book to read,
a poem to write,
a chapter to learn,
homework to do,

The Beauty Of...

The beauty of the dark,
is the beauty of no light.

The beauty of the silent,

Bella And Edward: Predator And Prey

There you stand as a predator,
Watching my every move,
Although you are a monster,
I cannot deny how graceful you are,

Grandpa Where Are You?

There he sat, in his chair,
smiling at two of his granddaughters,
they love him with all their young hearts,
and he loves them with his old heart.

Confused Love

Do I love thee?
I respect thy purely, but love?
That is questionable.
I trust thee with my life.

My World

Reality is fiction to me,
In my world I understand,
In my world there are creatures,
Werewolves and vampires,

Dark Room

My life is like a dark room,
For I do not see the light,
My pupils are wide though the light is on,
I feel alone almost always,

Job Description For The Future

The teachers ask me,
'What do you want to be? '
what kind of job do I want to do?
But to be honest, I don't have a clue.

Breathless Awakenings

I fall asleep after a while.
Then the normal routine happens....
My everyday nightmare returns...

Silver Lining

You stand there in the darkness,
people screaming everywhere,
although you want to,
you can't help them,

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