Grief From Mind End A.S. Griboedov Poem by Yuri Starostin

Grief From Mind End A.S. Griboedov

The same and Hlestova, Sofia, Molchalin, Platon Mihajlovich, Natalia
Dmitrievna, the Countess the grand daughter, the Princess with daughters, Zagoretsky, Skalozub, then
Famusov and many others.
Has become crazy! I ask obedient!
Yes accidentally! Yes as it is quick!
You, Sofia, heard?
Platon Mihajlovich
Who is the first do divulged?
Natalia Dmitrievna
Ah, my friend, all!
Platon Mihajlovich
Well everything so to trust necessarily,
And me it is doubtful.
Famusov (entering)
About what? About Chatsky, whether that?
That it is doubtful? I am the first, I have opened!
For a long time I am surprised as anybody will not knit him!
Try about the rulers - and un-news that will told!
Just low bow, bend who by a ring,
Though before a monarch person,
So he names the rascal! .
There from the fun-ing;
I have told something - he has started to laugh loudly.
To me has advised against in Moscow to serve in Archives.
The countess the grand daughter
Me by a modistka has desired to call!
Natalia Dmitrievna
And give to my husband a council to live in the country.
The Zagoretsky
Mad on all.
The countess the grand daughter
I saw from an eyes.
On a mother has gone, on Anna Aleksevna;
The dead woman became crazy eight times.
On light a marvellous happen adventure!
In her years from a mind has jumped on!
Tea, drinks not on a years.
The princess
About! Truly...
The countess the grand daughter
Without a doubt.
A champagne by a glasses, have pulled.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Bottles-with, and very big
Zagoretsky (with a heat)
No, by a butts by the fortieth.
Well here! A great trouble,
That the man will drink a superfluous!
A study - here a plague, science-nity - here the reason,
That now more, than when,
A mads has divorced a people, both an affairs, and an opinions.
Indeed you will become crazy from these, from one
From a pancions, a schools, a lycées, as is its,
Yes from a lancard mutual education. *
The princess
No, in Petersburg a institute
Pe-da-go-gichesky, * so, apparently, call:
There practise in a splits and in a unbelieve
Proffessors! ! - at them our relater have studied,
And graduate! Though now in a drugstore, in a sub-masters.
From a women runs, and even from me!
A ranks does not want to know! He is the chemist, he is botanic,
Prince Feodor, my nephew.
I will please you: a general rumour,
That there is a project about a lycées, a schools, a grammar schools;
There will learn only on ours: one, two;
And books will keep so: for the big opportunities.
Sergey Sergeich, no! Et prick a angry to stop:
To take away all books and to burn.
Zagoretsky (with a mild)
No, books to books a differ. And if, between us,
By a zensor * I have been appointed,
On a fables would lean; oh! A fables - my death!
A sneers eternal over a lions! Over eagles!
Who to whatever may say:
Though an animals, nevertheless a tsars.
My fathers, who in a mind is unset,
So all the same, whether from a books, from a drink either;
And Chatsky is a pity to me.
Christianly so; he to pity is worthy;
There was a sharp person, had a soul of a hundred by three.
Three, sir.
Four hundred.
No! Three hundred.
In my calendar...
All say lies a calendars.
Just in a four hundred, oh! To argue you are vociferous!
No! Three hundred! - another's manors to me is not to know!
Four hundred, I ask to understand.
No! Three hundred, three hundred, three hundred.
The same all and Chatsky.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Here it.
The countess the grand daughter
(Move back from him in an adversary.)
Well, as from a mad eyes
Will start he to fight, will demand to a cutting!
Oh My God! Be mild to a sinners us!
The kindest! You are not in own plate.
The asleep is after the journey necessary. Give pulse... You are unhealthy.
Yes, a force is not: a milion torments
To a breasts from a friendly vice,
To a feet from a shuffling, to an ears from an exclamations,
And more to a head from any trifles.
(Approaches to Sofia.)
A soul here at me by some grief is compressed,
And in a much peaple I am lost, be am not.
No! I am dissatisfied by Moscow.
Moscow, look, is guilty.
Far away from him.
(Does signs to Sofia.)
H'm, Sofia! - does not look!
Sofia (Chatsky)
Tell, what do you so angry?
In that room a non-significant meeting:
A frenchman from Bordeaux, * set on a breast,
Has collected round himself a sort vecha *
And told, how he was fitted out for a trip
In Russia, to a barbarians, with a fear and a tears;
Has arrived - and has found that a caresses do not have the end;
Neither a Russian sound, nor the Russian person
Has not met: as if in a fatherland, with a friends;
The province. - you will look, in the evening
He feels here a small kingy;
The same sense at a ladies, the same dresses...
It is glad, but we are not glad.
Has stopped. And here from a different directions
A melancholy, both a moaning, and a groan.
Ah! France! There is no in the world better an edge! -
A two pincess have solved, a sisters, repeating
A lesson, which they from the childhood is tolded.
Where to disappear from a princess! -
I a far have send a desire
Restrained, however aloud,
That the Lord has exterminated a dirty this spirit
An empty, a slavish, a blind mimic;
That the spark he was aroused in somebody with a soul,
Who could by a word and an example
Us to keep, as by a strong lash,
From a pity nausea on the stranger party.
Start up me attents * the conservative,
But our North in a hundred times is worse for me
Since has given all in an exchange for a new harmony -
Both a customs, and a language, and an ancient sacred,
And a stately clothes on another
On a clown sample:
A tail is behind, in a front of a some wonderful take away, *
Contrary to a mind, counter to an whether;
A movements are connected, and not a beauty to the face;
A ridiculous, a smoothfaced, a grey-haired chins!
As a dresses, a hair, and a minds are short! .
Ah! If all of us are born to adopt,
Though from Chineses to us to occupy a little
A wise at them an unknow of a foreigners.
Whether we will revive when from an another rulers of a fashions?
That clever, vigorous our people
Though on a language us did not consider for Germans.
'As European to put in a parallel
With a national - something is strange!
Well how to translate madam and a mademoiselle?
Indeed the madam! ! '-have mutter to me someone.
Imagine, here at all
On my account the laughter has risen.
'The madam! Ха! ха! ха! ха! Perfectly!
The madam! Ха! Ха! ха! ха! Awfully! '-
I, being angry and a life cursing,
Do prepared for them the thunder answer;
But all have left me. -
Here a case to you with me, it not the new;
Moscow and Petersburg - in all Russia to,
That the person from a city of Bordeaux,
Only the mouth do has opened, is lucky enough
In all princess to instal a party;
Both in Petersburg and in Moscow,
Who the foe of a persons writing out, a be out, a words curly,
In whose to a head by a misfortune
Five, six will be a thoughts sensible
And he will dare to declare a publicly them, -
(Looks back, all in a waltz are turned with the greatest diligence. Old men
have dispersed to a card tables.)
The end of III action
At Famusov in the house a smart outer entrance hall; the big ladder from the second habitation *, to which many adjoin collateral of a mezzanines; below on the right (from
a characters) an exit on a porch and the Swiss box; at the left, on one the plan, a room of Molchalin. Night.A weak illumination. A footmen others fusses, others sleeps in an expectation of own misters.
The countess the grandmother, the Countess the grand daughter, ahead of their footman.
The footman
A countesses Hrjumia carriage!
The countess grand daughter (while her wrap up)
Well ball! Well Famusov! To name skilful visitors!
Any freaks from a next world,
And there is nobody to speak, and there is nobody to dance.
The countess grandmother
Lets go, the mother, me, right, not under force,
Whenwere I with a pall ta in a tomb.
(Both leave.)

Platon Mihajlovich and Нaталья Dmitrievna. One footman about them strives,
Another at an entrance shouts:
Carriage Gorich!
Natalia Dmitrievna
My angel, my life,
Invaluable, the sweetheart, Poposh, what so is sad?
(Kisses the husband on a forehead.)
Admit, it was cheerful at Famusovs.
Platon Mihajlovich
Natasha-mother, I doze on a balls,
To them a deadly un-wonter,
Do not oppose, your worker,
I am on a duty for a midnight, sometimes
To you in a pleasure so it is sad,
I am started up on a command in a dance.
Natalia Dmitrievna
You are imitating, and is very unartfull;
A mortal hunting to pass by the old man.
(Leaves with the footman.)
Platon Mihajlovich (coolly)
A ball is a thing good, the bondage is bitter;
And who to marry us is improved!
After all it is told, to other on a birth...
The footman (from a porch)
In the carriage the mistress-s, and will up to be angry.
Platon Mihajlovich (with a sigh)
I go, I go.
Chatsky and its footman ahead.
Shout, to submitted more likely.
(The footman leaves.)
Well here and day has passed, and with it
All phantoms, all fumes and smoke
Of a hopes which to me filled a soul.
For what did I wait? What I thought here to find?
Where is a charm this meetings? A participation in whom is live?
A shout! A pleasure! Have embraced! - empty.
In a vehicle so on a way
An unrevewed plain, sitting idly,
All something is visible ahead
It is light, blue, variously;
Also you go hour, and two, day whole; here it is quick
Have rushed quickly to rest; a lodging for the night: where you will look,
All the same smooth surface, and steppe, and is empty and dead...
Annoyingly, a power is not, than will begin to think more.
(The footman comes back.)
It is ready?
The footman
A drivers-s anywhere, look, will not find.
Gone, search, not to night here.
(The footman again leaves.)
Chatsky, Repetilov (runs in from a porch, at the input falls from all
feet and hasty reproved) .
Fie! Has blundered. - ah, my Founder!
Allow to wipe eyes; from where? The friend! .
The warm friend! The kind friend! Mon cher! *
Here farces * to me as often were sing,
What a empty tolder I am that am silly that am a vain beliefer,
That at me on all presentiments, signs;
Now... I ask to explain,
As though knew, here I hasten,
Suffice, about a threshold has touched by a foot
And it was stretched in all growth.
Perhaps, laugh over me,
That Repetilov lies that Repetilov is simple,
And at me to you a attaction, a sort of an illness,
A same love and passion,
I am ready a soul to debt,
That in the world you will not find to yourself the such friend,
Such true, ey-ey;
Let`s I will lose the wife, a children,
I will be left by the whole world,
Let`s I will die on the place this,
Yes impact me the Lord...
Yes full to grind a nonsense.
You do not love me, a natural business:
With others I am by this and that way,
With you I speak timidly,
I am pity, I am ridiculous, I am an ignoramus, I am a fool.
Here a strange annigilation!
Abuse me, I am myself curse my birth,
When I will think, as a time, have killed!
Tell, what time is it now?
Hour to go to sleep to lay down;
If you were on a ball,
So you can be turned back.
What ball? The brother where we all night long to a white day,
In a decently are held down, we will not escape from a yoke,
Whether you read? There is a book...
And you read? A problem for me,
Whether you are Repetilov?
Call me the vandal: *
This name I have deserved.
By an empty people, valued!
Myself the whole century by a dinner or by a ball was raved!
About a children forgot! Have deceived the wife!
Do played! Lost! In a guardianship is taken by the decree! *
The dancer, held! And not one:
Three at once!
Drink the dead! Did not sleep a nights on a nine!
All do rejected: a laws! A conscience! A belief!
Listen! Lies, yes know a measure;
Is from what in a despair to come.
Congratulate me, now with a people I am known
With the cleverest! ! - all night long not running without a break.
Here now, for example?
That night one, - is not to a count,
But ask, where was?
And I will guess.
Tea, in a club?
In English. That a confession to begin:
From a noisy sitting I am.
Please be silent, a word I have allowed to be silent;
We have a society, and secret meeting
On Thursdays. The most confidential union...
Ah! I, brother, am afraid.
How? In club?
Here measures are extreme,
That by a neck to banish and you, and your secrets.
In vain a fear of you takes,
Aloud, loudly we speak, nobody will disassemble.
I am, since will seize about a chambers, a jury, *
About Bejron *, well about an important matter *,
Quite often I listen, without an unclenching lips;
To me is not under a force, brother, and I feel that am silly.
Ax! Alexandre! At us you are lacked;
Listen, pretty, amuse me though a little;
Let's go on now; we are, a blessing, on the move;
With what I will deduce you
A people! ! ... To me are absolutely not similar!
That for a people, mon cher! A juice of a clever youth!
A god with them and with you. Where I will go jump?
What for? At a dead of night? Home, I want to sleep.
Eh! Throw! Who sleeps now? Well it is full, without a preludes *
Dare, and we! . At us... Resolute people,
Hot dozen heads!
We shout - you will think as a hundreds voices! .
Yes from what you rage so much?
We rustle, brother, we rustle!
You rustle? And only?
Not a place to explain now and a lack of a time,
But a state affair:
It, here you see, has not ripened,
It is impossible suddenly.
What is a people! mon cher! Without a distant stories I am
I will tell to you: in the first, prince Grigory! !
The odd unique fellow! Us by a laughter exhausts!
A century with the Englishmen, all English fold,
And still so he through a clenched teeth speaks,
And still so it is short hairdressed for a regime.
You are not familiar? Oh! Get acquainted with him.
Another - Vorkulov Evdokim;
You have not heard, how he sings? Oh! A miracle!
Listen, darling, esspecial
There is at him a favourite one:
'And! non lashiar me, but, but, but'. *
At us a two brothers:
Levon and Borinka, a wonderful children!
About them you do not know what to tell;
But if the genius will order to name:
Udushev Ippolit Markelych! ! !
You him compositions
Whether read something? Though a trifle?
Read, brother, yes he does not write anything;
Here such people to lash,
And to sentence: to write, write, write;
In a magazines you can find, however,
Him fragment, sight and something.
About what be something? - About all;
All knows, we for a rainy day grazes him.
But a head at us what in Russia is not present,
It is not necessary to name, you know on a portrait:
The night robber, dueler,
To Kamchatka has been banished, has returned by the Aleut,
And strong unclear on a hand;
Yes the clever person can not be the cheat.
When about a high honesty speaks,
By any demon is inspired:
An eyes in a blood, the face burns,
Himself cries, and all of us sobs.
Here people, whether are to him similar? Doubtly...
Well, between them I am, of course, serious *,
A little bit has lagged, it is lazy, to think a horror!
However I, when, a mind to grive,
I will sit down, to hour I do not sit,
And somehow accidentally, suddenly a pun * born.
Others at me same will pick up a thought
And six together, look and behold, a vaudeville * mould,
Other six put on a music,
Others clap, when give it.
The brother, laugh, and that is like, like:
God has not awarded me with an abilities,
Has given a kind heart, here than to people I am lovely,
I will tell lies - will forgive...
The footman (at an entrance)
Carriage of Skalozub!
The same and Skalozub, goes down from a ladder.
Repetilov (to him towards)
Ah! Scalozub, my soul,
Stay, where go? Make a friendship.
(Strangle him in an embraces.)
Where to disappear to me from them!
(Enters into the Swiss.)
Repetilov (to Scalozub)
The hearing about you has calmed down for a long time,
Have told that you have gone to a regiment on a service.
You are familiar?
(Looks around at Chatsky)
The pighead! Has skipped away!
There is no need, I have unintentionally found you,
And we ask with me, now without an excuses:
At the prince-Grigory now to the people darkness,
You will see, the persons us are forty,
Fu! How many, the brother, there mind!
All night long interpret, will not bore,
First, will give to drink by a champagne on a slaughter,
And secondly, to such things will teach,
What are, of course, to us not to invent with you.
Relieve. By a learning me not trouble,
Call others and if you want,
To the prince-Grigory and to you
A feldfebel in Voltery I give up,
He is in a three ranks will arrange you,
And you will peaks so in a trice do calm.
Still a service on a mind! Mon cher, look here:
And in ranks I would climb, yes have met a failures,
As, maybe, anybody and never;
On a state I have served, then
Baron fon Klots in a ministers have aim,
And I am-
To him in a sons-in-law.
Went straight without a distant thought,
With his wife and with himt was started up in a revercy, *
To him and her what is a sums
Has lowered that God safe!
He on Fontanka * veins, I near has built the house,
With a columns! The huge! How many cost!
Married at last on his daughter,
Took a dowry -shish, on service - anything.
The father-in-law is the German, and what is to use?
Was afraid, you see, he to reproach
For a weakness as if to relatives!
Was afraid, an ashes take him, yes all is easier either to me?
His secretaries are all boors, all are selling,
A peaple, a writing creature,
All left in the nobility, all now are important,
Look in the address-calendar. *
Fie! Service and ranks, crosses - souls of a drudgery;
Lahmotev Alexey wonderfully speaks,
What is need here a pharmacies,
The stomach does not cook longer.
(Stops, look that Zagoretsky to Skalozub has taken up a place,
Which wherein has left.)
Repetilov, Zagoretsky.
The Zagoretsky
All right to continue, to you sincerely I admit,
Same I am, as you, the awful liberal!
And from that is direct and safely I explain,
Where so has much lost! .
Repetilov (with disappointment)
All is in a differ, without a word;
Just from a vew one is, look there is no another.
There was Chatsky, has suddenly disappeared, then and Skalozub.
The Zagoretsky
How do you think about Chatsky?
He is not silly,
We have now meeted, here anybody cowards, *
And an efficient conversation has come about a vaudeville.
Yes! The vaudeville is a thing, and other all is gille. *
We with it... At us... The same tastes.
The Zagoretsky
And you have noticed that he
In a mind seriously is damaged?
What is a nonsense!
The Zagoretsky
About him all are this belief.
A lies.
The Zagoretsky
Ask to all!
A chimeras. *
The Zagoretsky
And by the way, here prince Peter Ilich,
The princess and with a princesses.
A wild.
Repetilov, Zagoretsky, the Prince and the Princess with a six daughters; it is a little
pass Hlestova goes down from a front ladder. Molchalin conducts her under a hand.
A footmen in vanities.
The Zagoretsky
Princesses, welcome, tell yours opinion,
Mad Chatsky is or is not?
1st knazhna
What is a doubt in it is?
2nd knazhna
About it the whole world knows.
3rd knazhna
Dryansky, Hvorovy, Varlyansky, Skachkovy.
4th knazhna
Ah! To conduct old to whom they are new?
5th knazhna
Who is a doubts?
The Zagoretsky
Yes here does not trust...
6th knazhna
You does!
All together
Mse Repetilov! You! Mse Repetilov! That you!
Yes as you are! It is possible either against all!
Yes why you? A shame and a laughter.
Repetilov (closes to herself ears)
Forgive, I did not know that it is too public.
The princess
Yet publicly, with him to speak dangerously,
For a long time it would be time to lock.
To listen, so him little finger
Most cleverly, and even the prince-Petr!
I think, he is simply Jacobean, *
Your Chatsky! ! ! Arrive. The prince, you could carry
You roll or Zizi, we will sit down in the six-seater.
Hlestova (from a ladder)
The princess, a card debt.
The princess
For me, the mother.
All (to each other)
(The princely surname * leaves, and Zagoretsky too.)
Repetilov, Hlestova, Molchalin.
The tsar heavenly!
Amfisa Nilovna! Ah! Chatsky! The poor! Here!
What is our elevated mind! And one thousand cares!
Tell, from what on light we strive!
So God to him judged; and however,
Will treat, will cure perhaps;
And you, my father, are incurable, though throw.
Has desired to be in time! -
Molchalin, there your store-room,
A seeing-off is not necessary; go, the Lord with you.
(Molchalin leaves to himself in a room.)
Farewell, the father; it is time to have done with the follies.
Repetilov with the footman.
Where now to direct a way?
And a business goes to a dawn.
Go, sit me in the carriage,
Carry somewhere.
Last lamp dies away.
Chatsky (leaves from Swiss)
What is it? whether mine I heard ears!
Not a laughter, and an obviously rage. By what are miracles?
Through a what sorcery
Absurd about me all in a voice repeat!
And for others as soon a celebration,
Others soon cosuffer...
Oh! If who gets into a people:
What is worse in them? A soul or a language?
Whose is it a composition!
A fools have believed, to another transfer,
An old women in a moment beat an alarm -
And here a public opinion!
And here that native land... No, in a present arrival,
I see that it will soon bother me.
And Sofia knows so? - Certainly, have told,
She is not, that to me indead to the detriment
Has amused, and a truth or not -
To her all the same, whether another, whether me,
On a conscience she does not value anybody.
But this faint, unconsciousness is whence? ? -
A nerve a pamperedness, whim, -
Will raise a little them, and a little do silented, -
I by a sign have account a live passions. -No crumbs:
She certainly would lose so a forces,
When somebody would step
On a tail of the doggie or a cat.
Sofia (over a ladder in the second floor, with a candle)
Molchalin, you are?
(Hasty again the door secures.)
She! She in!
Ah! The head burns, all my blood in a torment.
She was! There is no her! Really in a vew?
Whether indeed I have gone mad?
I am precisely prepared for an extraordinariness;
But not an image here, a meeting hour is agreed.
To what to deceive myself to me most?
Have called Molchalin, here its room.
Him footman (from a porch)
A carey...
(Pushes out him.)
I will be here, and I do not close an eye,
Though till the morning. So if a grief to drink,
So it is better at once,
Than to hesitate, - and a trouble by a slowing not to destroy.
The door is opened.
(Hides for a column.)
Chatsky is hidden, Liza with a candle.
Ah! A power is not exist! I quail.
In an empty outer entrance hall! At night! You are afraid a house spirit,
You are afraid also a live people.
The torture makerine-young lady, God with her,
And Chatsky, as a cataract in an eye;
Look, he has seemed to her somewhere here below.
(Looks round.)
Yes! As! On an outer entrance hall to wander to him a hunting!
He is, feel, for a long time for a gate,
A love has for tomorrow kept,
At home, and to sleep has lain down.
However an order is to warm to be pushed.
(He is knocked to Molchalin.)
Listen-s. All right to wake up.
You the young lady calls, the young lady calls you.
Yes is faster, that have not found.
Chatsky for a column, Liza, Molchalin (stretches and yawns) , Sofia
(She go hidden from above) .
You are, sir, a stone, sir, an ice.
Ah! Lisanka, whether you are from youself?
From the young lady-s.
Who would guess,
That in these cheeks, in these veins
Still the love flush did not play!
A hunting be to you run errands only?
And to you, a searchers of a brides,
Not to luxuriate and not to yawn;
It is nice and lovely, who will not eat up
And not asleep of before a wedding.
What is a wedding? With whom?
And with the young lady?
Go on,
It is a lot of a hope ahead,
Without a wedding a time we wear.
What you are, sir! Yes we of whom
To ourself in a husbands of another gear?
I do not know. And me so a shiver is dissasembled,
And at an one think I am afraid,
That Pavel Afanasich once
Will sometime catch us,
Will herd out, will damn! . Yes what? Whether to open a soul?
In Sofia Pavlovna I do not see anything
The enviable. God give to her a century to live richly,
She was loved Chatsky once,
Me will loving off, as him.
My angellet, would wish to a half
To her the same to feel that I feel to you;
Yes is no, as so I repeat to myself,
I am to be ready a gentle to be, and I will see - and I will catch a cold.
Sofia (aside)
What are meannesses!
Chatsky (for a collunm)
The rascal!
And it is not ashamed for you?
Me the father was bequeathed:
First, to please all people without a take out -
To the owner where is pass to live,
To the chief with whom I will serve,
To him servant who cleans a dresses,
To the door-keeper, the yard keeper, for a lose a harms,
To a dog of the yard keeper that its was tender.
To tell, the sir, you have a huge care!
And here I accept kind of the lover
In a please a daughters of such person...
Which feeds and gives to drink,
And sometimes and a rank he will dare?
Let`s go, have tolded enough.
Let's go a love to divide pitiable our girlfriend.
Give I will embrace you from a completeness heart.
(Liza is not given.)
Why is she not you!
(Wants to go, Sofia does not start up.)
Sofia (almost in a whisper; all scene in a low voice)
Do not go further, I have heard a plenty much,
The horror person! Of me I am ashamed of a walls.
How! Sofia Pavlovna...
No a words, for God's sake,
Be silent, I will dare at all.
Molchalin (rushes on a knee, Sofia pushes away him)
Ah! Remember! Be not angry, look! .
I do not remember anything, do not bother me.
A memoirs! As a sharp knife is be.
Molchalin (creeps at her feet)
Do not do under a lie, stand.
The answer I do not want, I know your answer,
Will lie...
Make to me a mild...
No. No. No.
I have joked, and I have not told anything except...
Lag behind, I speak, now,
I by a shout will wake up all in the house
And I will ruin myself and you.
(Molchalin standing.)
Since this time seems I did not know you.
A reproaches, a complaints, my tears
Do not dare to expect, no a coast is you them;
But that in the house here the dawn has not get you.
That never about you I any more have not heard.
As you will order.
Otherwise I will tell
All truth to the father, from a disappointment.
You know that I do not value myself.
Go on. - Stay, be glad,
That at an meeting with me in the silence of the night
You kept more a shyness in a behave,
Than even in the afternoon, and at a people, and in a be;
In you there is less an impudence, than a curvature of a soul.
I am happy by that has know all at a night:
There are no a reproaching witnesses in an eyes,
As recently when I in a faint have fallen,
Here Chatsky was...
Chatsky (rushes between them)
He is here, the pretendess!
Lisa and Sofia
Ah! Ah!
(Liza drops a candle with a fright; Molchalin disappears to himself in a room.)
Those жe, except Molchalin.
More likely in a faint, now it is perfectly in an order,
A more important, than an older, reason is to that,
Here at last the decision is to a riddle!
Here I am offered to whom!
I do not know, how in myself I have moderated a furiousness!
Did looked, and saw, and did not trust!
And darling, for whom forgotten
Both the former friend, and a female fear and a shame, -
For a doors hides, afraid to be responsible.
Ah! How a trick of a fate to comprehend?
A people with a soul a herdess, a scourge is! -
Molchalins are blissfully on a light!
Sofia (drowned in tears)
Do not continue, I blame myself around.
But who could think, that there was he so coward!
Knock! Noise! Ah! My God! All house here runs.
Your father here will be grateful.
Chatsky, Sofia, Liza, Famusov, a crowd of a servants with a candles.
Here! For me! More fast! More fast!
More a candles, a lanterns!
Where are the house keepers? Bah! Familiar all persons!
The daughter, Sofia Pavlovna! shamess!
The shameless person! Where! With whom! Neither to give, nor to take she is,
As her mother, the dead woman wife.
Happened, I am with the darling half
Just part out - somewhere with the man!
Afraid God, how do? By what he has pleasured you?
Herself him a mad she was named!
No! Nonsense and blindness has attacked me!
All is a plot, and in a plot there was
He himself, and visitors all. For what I so am punished! .
Chatsky (to Sofia)
So I to you am still obliged by this fiction?
Brother, be not crafty, I will not be given in a deceit,
Though will fight, I will not believe.
You, Filka, you are a direct log,
In a door-keepers has made a lazy black grouse,
Does not know about somewhat, does not feel anything.
Where was? Where you left?
An outer entrance hall you has not locked for what?
And how has not looked through? And how you have not listen in?
In work prove you, on a settling do you: *
For a penny to sell me are ready.
You, quick-eyed, all is from your mischief;
Here it, the Kuznetsk bridge, dresses and new things;
There you were learnt of a lovers to deduce,
Stay et, I will correct you:
All right in a log hut, a march, for a birds to go;
And you, my friend, I, a daughter, will not leave,
More days two a patience you take:
Not to be to you in Moscow, not to live to you with the people;
Further from these successful fellows,
In village, to the aunt, in a solitude, to Saratov,
You will grieve a grief there,
At a tambour to sit, behind the calendar * to yawn.
And you, sir, I ask meanly
There not to favour nor directly, nor by a country road;
And yours is a kind last line,
That, tea, to everyone the door will be locked:
I will try, I, in an alarm I will beat on,
On a city to all I will give a lot of trouble
And I will announce in all people:
To the Senate I will submit, to a ministers, to a sovereign.
Chatsky (after some silence)
I will not be mind... I am guilty,
And I listen, I do not understand,
As though all to me want to explain.
I am losted by a thoughts... Something I expect.
(With a great heat.)
The blind man! I am in whom searched for an award of all works!
Has hastened! . Has flied! Was shivered! Here a happiness, I thought, is close.
Before whom I am recently so ardor and so low
Was a out-flower of a gentle words!
And you! Oh my God! Whom to yourself have selected?
When I will think, whom you have preferred!
Why me by a hope you have enticed?
Why to me directly you have not told,
What is the past you have turned into a laughter? !
That memory even to you is coldly
Those a feelings, in both of us of a movements of a heart of those,
Which are in me the distance has not cooled,
Neither an entertainments, nor a change of a places.
I has breathed, and by them veins, has been occupied continuously!
Would tell that to you sudden my arrival,
My kind, my words, acts - all are opposite, -
I with you immediately would stop the com-meetings
And before a forever leaving,
Would not began to reach very much,
Who is this to you the kind person? .
You reconcile with him, on a mature thinking.
Youself to destroy, and for what!
Think, always you can him
To protect, and to swaddle, and to send behind a business.
The husband-boy, the husband-servant, from a wife's pages - *
High ideal of the Moscow all husbands. -
There is enough! . With you I am proud by my rupture.
And you, sir father, you, are ardor to ranks:
I wish you to doze in an happy un-leading,
I by an ask in mine mariage do not threaten to you.
Another will be, well-behaved,
The groveller and the businessman,
By an advantages, at last,
He is to the future father-in-law the equal.
So! I was made sober wholly,
A dreaming from an eyes go out - and the veil felt;
Now it would be not worse a one by one
On the daughter and on the father
And on the lover-fool,
And for the whole world to flue out all bile and all annoy.
With whom I was! Where I was thrown by a destiny!
All herd out! All damn! Of a torturers a crowd is,
In a love of a traitors, in an enmity of a tireless,
Of a story-tellers unrestrained,
Of an inconsistent clever men, of a crafty simplers,
Of an old women ominous, of an old men,
Growing decrepit over an inventions, a nonsense, -
A mad you have glorified me by all chorus.
You are right: that leaves from a fire is un-hurted,
Who with you a day will have a time to pass,
Breathe by an one air,
And in him the mind will safe.
Go out Moscow! Here I am no more the goer.
To run, I will not look back, I will go to search all over the world,
Where is to an offended feeling a corner! .
The carriage to me, the carriage!
Except Chatsky
Well? You do not see, what he has become crazy?
Tell seriously:
The mad! What is here for a nonsense do mill!
The groveller! The father-in-law! And about Moscow so it is terrible!
And you have dared to exhaust me?
Whether my destiny still not is pitiable?
Ah! My God! That begins to speak
Princess Marya Aleksevna!
The end

Cupid - in the Roman mythology god of love; in wide value - love.
Potion - here figuratively: artful, leprosy.
Ocasion (fr. ocasion) - a case, incident.
The Kuznetsk bridge - street in the centre of Moscow. At the time of Griboedov on
the Kuznetsk bridge there was a set of the various shops, belonging
to mainly French merchants: book, confectionery ('the biscuit
benches ') , fashionable dresses etc.
Fright - in a spoken language at the time of Griboedov along with a word
'ispug' it was used 'ispuga'.
'We take a wanderer' - teachers and guvernets mean.
'Both in the house, and under tickets' - the teachers who are not living 'in the house', but 'coming', in the end of an each lesson are received 'tickets' (special receipts) from a parents
of the pupils. Under these tickets the payment for a study was charged.
Buffoons - vagrant actors.
Аsеssоr (collegiate аsеssоr) - a civil rank. Reception of this rank was granted the right to a personal nobility.
Frunt - an ancient pronunciation of a word 'front', a military system.
State (in the latest pronunciation - the civilian) - the person consisting on a civil service.
Acidic waters - medical mineral waters.
For the sake of - the ancient form of a word 'are glad'.
Picket - gambling.
Sense - conversations.
Parkway persons - habitues of the Moscow parkways. At the time of
Griboedov parkways (Tver, Prechistensky) were a favourite place of awalks of a society of noble family.
'On a forehead it is written: the Theatre and Maskerad' - Chajky mentions about some general acquaintance, loving to arrange at home a theatrical representations and
a masquerades.
'The house is painted by greens in the form of a grove' - in mansions in olden time sometimes has painted a walls of a rooms by a colours, trees.
The scientific committee - a prosecuted subjects of a school education and
preview of an educational books from which were carefully expelled all
progressive ideas.
The Minerva - in the Greek mythology the goddess of a wisdom.
The maid of a honour, freiline- female court rank.
The mentor - in a poem of the Homere of 'Odysseus' tutor the Telepoppy, son Odysseus. In
nominal sense the mentor - the instructor, the teacher.
Finger - a finger.
Anonce - it is declared.
The commission (fr. commission) - the commission; here in sense: efforts, anxiety.
The sexton - the church attendant on which a duty reading lay aloud a church books. Expression 'to read, how the sexton' means muffled, inexpressive reading.
Iscony - long since, from the very beginning.
Tsug - rich departure in which horses are harnessed in single file (it.) .
Grow dull (fr.) - an ancient man's hairdress: the bunch collected on a nape hair.
The grandee in a case - the dignitary who is in a favour at court, the favourite.
Court-tag (ger.) - visiting day in a palace.
Other by pther - another time, again.
Whist - gambling.
Carbonary (ital. Carbonaro - the coal miner) carbonary; so members were called
The secret revolutionary society which have arisen in Italia in the beginning of a XIX-th century. For reactionary noblemen the word 'carbonary' meant: the rebel, unreliable
the person.
Sodom, Row - on a bible legend, a city destroyed by god (simultaneously with
The city of Homorra) for a sins of its inhabitants. In everyday language 'row, sodom' means:
disorder, turmoil.
An egersky regiments in imperial army were called special, an easily armed
and mobile shooting regiments.
'To it it is given with a bow, me on a neck.' - it is a question of an awards; Vladimir's award
With a bow carried on a breast, Anna's award put on on a tape a neck.
Vacancy - free, nobody the held post.
Whether in a pursuits of a regiment - in an expectation of a reception of a post of the commander of a regiment.
Distances - a distances.
Bread-salt - bread-salt, hospitality.
Stolbovye, column- the noblemen of the old families who have been written down in special 'stolbovye books '.
The chancellor - the higher civil rank in an imperial Russia.
The senate - the higher government agency in an imperial Russia, where
'Were present' large dignitaries (sat) .
Tafitsa - a collar sewed from a taffeta. Barhatets - a bouquet artificial
the colours made of a velvet. A smoke - a veil which pinned to a hat.
'The fire promoted it much to украшенью' - After Patriotic war
1812 Moscow burnt by Frenchmen, quickly was built up with a new buildings.
Fatherland fathers - figures who the work have brought a lot of advantage
to the native land.
Clients-foreigners. - in ancient Rome clients named those who,
being in a dependence from the Roman citizens, enjoyed their support and
carried out their commissions. Here Chatsky hints at the Frenchmen living in the rich
houses of noble family. Among these Frenchmen was a lot of a reactionary political
emigrants running from France during the French bourgeois revolution.
Netor - a name of the Greek commander (from a poem of the Homere 'Illiada') . In
Nominal sense the name of Nestor began to designate the leader, the leader.
The debtor - In Griboedoff`s time is a word designated not only that,
who owes money, but also the one who has borrowed their (creditor) .
Guardions - officers of the lejb-grenadierial regiments founded in Russian
Armies in 1813; they had advantage of one rank before the army
officers; whereas in 'radical' Guards regiments it has been established
seniority in two ranks.
Irritacia (fr. Irritation) - excitation, confusion.
Joke - the English word said on the French harmony jockey (Equestrian) . In olden time jockeys named the servants accompanying the barin during a time walks by top.
Hripun, groaher- in Griboedoff`s time of an army officers with a shegol (some painted bird) manners and unreasonable claims for 'good breeding' ironically named
Bassoon, fagot - the wooden wind instrument, different a sound nasal
Mazourka - ball dance.
'On Archives' - it is a question of the Moscow archive of the State board foreign affairs where the youth of noble family arrived that to be registered in public service and to receive ranks.
A-molny - the musical term.
Ober or a staff? - Colloquial reduction of words 'subaltern, ober officer' and
'Staff-officer'. As Subaltern officers were called the officers who had a rank from the ensign
to the captain; a staff-officer - the general name more high ranks (from the major to
the colonel) .
Rumatism - an ancient pronunciation of a word 'rheumatism'.
Turlurlu - a women's dress (cape) .
Esharp (fr. Esharpe) - a scarf.
Cousin (fr.) - the cousin, the cousin.
Baregevy (fr. Barege) - the ancient name of a special grade of a matter.
Chambers-cadets - a younger court rank.
Grand ' maman (fr.) - grandmaman, the grandmother.
'To prefer originals to lists' - Chatsky venomously names Moscow women of fashion lists (copies) from foreign originals (originals) .
'Eh! bon soir! vous voila! Jamais trop diligente, Vous nous donnez
toujours le plaisir de l'attente. '- And, good evening! At last! You never
Do not hasten and always give to us pleasure of expectation (fr.) .
To transfer - that is to transfer another's words; a hint that
Zagoretsky - the informer.
Pokrovka - street in Moscow.
Light presentation, dead; the end of the world - in Christian dogma the end,
 destruction of the world.
Maiden - a premise for a parlourmaids in a rich mansions.
In imperial army perfect regiments, in which were called as Grenadierial
especially healthy and tall soldiers were enlisted.
Infantry regiments, in which were called as Mushketersky during old time
soldiers have been armed by muskets - heavy guns of large calibre.
The yellow house - the name of houses extended in olden time for
insane persons; walls of these houses usually painted in yellow colour.
'Il vous dira toute l'histoire' - He will tell to your all story (Fr.) .
Farmasons (from fr. Franc-mason - 'the free mason') - francmasons, members of the secret society which have extended across all Europe in a XVIII-th century. In Russia at the time of Griboedov Masonic lodges was under supervision the governments also have soon been forbidden.
Politsmeister - the chief of police.
Volterianets - the admirer of the advanced French writer and the philosopher
Voltaire's XVIII-th century. During Griboedov the word 'вольтерьянец' designated
The person freethinking.
Lancartochny - the deformed word 'lancastersky'; has occurred from a surname
the teacher of Lancaster who applied system of mutual training, Consisting in that the most in time pupils helped the teacher to train lagging behind. In 1819 in Petersburg the society has been based for a carrying out of this method of training. Propagandists lancastersky systems were many Decembrists.
'Institute pe-yes-go-gichesky so, apparently, call: There practise in
Splits and in безверьи Professory! '- In 1821 to several professors the Petersburg teacher training college accusation, as if has been brought They in the lectures reject 'trues of Christianity'and'call for attempt On legitimate authority '. Though charge has not been proved, to these professors
Have forbidden teaching at institute. In due time this business has made the big
Noise also it was often resulted by reactionaries as the proof of danger of the higher
Zensor - the ancient form of a word 'censor'.
Bordeaux - a city in France.
Veche - in Ancient Novgorod national meeting on which were discussed
Important state questions. Here Chatsky uses this word in ironical sense.
Attent - declare, will announce.
'A tail behind...' - Chatsky derisively describes breed of a dress coat (with two
Long floors behind and with cut on a breast) .
Habitation - a floor.
Mon cher (fr.) - my darling.
Farce - the theatrical play based on comic positions. Here
The word 'farce' is applied in value: a joke, a sneer.
Vandals - the ancient germany tribe which has destroyed Rome in V century. In
nominal value the vandal - the rough, ignorant person, the destroyer
cultural values.
'In guardianship it is taken by the decree' - That is over a manor of Repetilova, on imperial
To the decree, guardianship (supervision) is founded.
'About chambers, jury' - In the twenties a XIX-th century Russian youth
Much spoke about chambers (chambers) of deputies in the constitutional states,
And also about introduction in Russia of legal proceedings with participation of jurymen
Assessors - representatives from different levels of population.
Beyron - the well-known English poet Byron (1788-1824) .
Matter - here in sense: a theme, a conversation subject.
Prelude - an introductory part to a piece of music; here in
Sense: preliminary reflexions.
'And! Нон лашьяр ми, but, but, but' - a phrase from the Italian romance: 'Ah! Not
Leave me, no, no, is not present '.
Zauryad - the ordinary, average person.
Pun - a word-play based on comparison it is similar sounding, but
Words different in sense.
Vaudeville - the small comic play with inserted couplets,
Sung under music.
Revercy (fr.) - ancient gambling.
Fontanka - quay of the river of Fontanka in Petersburg.
The address-calendar - the reference book containing data on persons,
Consisting in public service.
Tourist's moustaches - chatter, insignificant talks.
Гиль - a nonsense, a trifle, nonsense.
Chimeras - here in sense: ridiculous inventions.
The Jacobean - During the French bourgeois revolution by Jacobeans
Members of the political club sitting at Paris in a building were were called
St. Jacob's monastery. To Jacobeans extreme representatives belonged
Revolutionary petty bourgeoisie. Monachical the adjusted Russian noblemen
Named Jacobeans of all who could be suspected of the political
Surname - here: a family.
'In work you, on поселенье you'. - In 1822 it has been renewed
The right given to landowners without court to send the serfs, in
Punishment order, to Siberia - in a hard labour or on settlement.
Calendar - the list of names 'sacred' and holidays of orthodox church,
Located on months and days.
The page - the young man of an origin of noble family serving at court.

Verification of the text and the note under the edition: A.S.Griboedov, 'the Grief from mind',
Moscow, 'the Children's literature',2000.

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