Guess Who?

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I know someone who's absurd,
He seldom says one English word,
He always turns to Arabic,
He says he is Anglo-phobic,

He's got a name too big for him,
I know not why he lives a dream,
He comes to class to pass the time,
He takes no notes; he writes no rime,
But I like that he takes a joke,
In good part, unlike other folk,
He always laughs in my classes,
He says he'll dance if he passes,
He's got a heart of real gold,
He will keep it when he gets old,
His life will change if he's not shy,
Like most of you, but he will try,

To work as hard as a real horse,
In the end, he will pass, of course.

Blue Eyes 16 August 2008

i think this question does not need any minute pause or any hesitation in thinking.we all know who is it. u were graceful writing this poem that way. if u were asking ur self was i hard on him? well, i don`t think so.

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Blue Eyes 18 June 2008

I am your student Tareq Jalabi. I wrote a poem with the same title. i hope you read it. i loved this poem and all of yours especially ''Love Story''

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