Great Hopes Poem by Omar Osman Jabak

Great Hopes

Rating: 5.0

We come to life with no great aim,
But step by step, our souls flame.
We crawl before we learn to walk.
We babble before we learn to talk.
We walk and make our first step,
With a lot of pain and a little help.
We make it then and start to run,
With too much love and too much fun.
But we are still with no great aims,
For life is still a bunch of games.
Then we grow up and pain begins,
And start to know of our sins.
We think we choose what we shall be,
But soon we change and start to see,
That we are made what we should be.
When we see that and stick to it,
We might succeed and make a hit.
Then we begin to set some goals,
Which will enrich our empty souls.
Yes hope springs eternal in the heart,
And brings us close to a head-start.
If goals are great, noble and high,
They will see light and soar so high.
So hitch your wagon to a star,
For greatness is just a step afar.


Mel Vincent Basconcillo 29 April 2009

a great profound and excellent..marvelous work!

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Blue Eyes 28 April 2009

This poem is full of wisdom and it is one of the elements that makes you who you are.A person who inspires, encourages, and devotes himself to help others. ..........A soul inspired by you......Tareq

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Wojja Fink 27 April 2009

like a light house by the sea your poem encourages...the once blind to see.....thank you....

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Delicate Heart 27 April 2009

A swaying piece of poetry, one may become lost whilst reading it, very tender poem which takes the he breath away with its delicasy keep writing these pearls of wisdom, you are our laureate.

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Aden orie 21 April 2009

Wow awesome poem, excellent choice of words. I wrote a poem like this 1 entitled 'See through the simple things' i whould love if you whould take a look

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