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University of Nizwa
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Foreign Languages
Nizwa, the Sultanate of Oman
ORCID: https: // ...

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Advice To Students: Don'T You Quit!

Let me give you some advice
Take it, leave it but be nice
If you take it, you will pass
If you leave it, you may pass

Tokens Of Love

What gift can I give her in token of my love?
It should be something most women think of!
Something like a book, a perfume, or a rose.
She can read the book wherever she goes.

Farewell Beloved Madinah

My life in Madinah has been a great blessing,
It is the very place I will be greatly missing.

I've known some good fellows,

To Lie Or Not To Lie

I wonder why they lie!
And seek to justify!
They know we know they lie.
We know they can't deny.

Torture Me No More

Near my longing heart she lives,
I can't be safe ere love she gives,
When I want to be closely near her,
When I advance in both her love and care,

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28 February 2019

Why not unleash the force inside? And soar so high with pain behind.

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Blue Eyes 27 August 2009

hi, we miss u tons here in Idleb, however we have no other means than the web to communicate with regards and Ramadan mubarak....Tareq Jalabi.

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