Joe Rosochacki

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance will issue a guideline for haircuts on men.
Teheran has been busy this week first condemning a woman to death,
-by stoning, for being an alleged adulterer.
Teheran's judicial vision, being blinded as a woman behind a Burka,
--no tolerance to the shamelessly unforgiven.
It's westernized hairstyles that leads to spiritual upheaval.
'Ponytails, spikes, mullets and Mohawks are now forbidden,
but Elvis-style locks, floppy fringes and Simon Cowell-esque flattops
(don't look now for Iranian Idol is approaching)
get the ayatollahs' seal of approval.'
This reminds me of Hitler,
That little moustache, the inverted Buddhist symbol for happiness,
The goose-stepping, saluting with their arms outstretched servants of The Third Reich
This reminds me of the psychotic leader of the USSR Joseph Stalin,
And all his 'no-goodniks' dressed in similar Army uniforms
and wearing his hair style that he wore and their moustaches that were his clone
This reminds of Castro look-a-likes Cuba a few decades ago,
Same camouflage clothing; same mustache
This reminds of the Mao-Tse-Tung and the revolutionary guard
Same blue-gray suit, same shoes,
(no moustaches; have ever seen a moustache on a Asian man?)
This reminds of Saddam Hussain photo array,
His supporters had the same haircut, same mustache
Kim Jong-il and his goons dressed all alike even until today
What is common element?
They were/are all dictators; they were all self-percieved gods
-or happened to be, acting on God's wish.
Hitler was acting on God's will accordingly to Evangelical Minister the Rev. Hagee,
I wonder that Hagee believes God, unlike the Devil, would steal, destroy and kill Jews;
It seems to be an apparent paradox upon his belief system that should perish.
Anyway back to haircuts done Iranian style.
If a country has sink to low of the barbaric stoning to death of 'alleged' adulterer,
If a country has to silence the political opposition by either marshal or Koranic law,
It's all the same to me, Iran you are no different than any other dictatorship,
Do you really think that God/Allah really cares on what type of haircuts men wear?
The ayatollahs' words are not the words of God/Allah, no more than Pope's words,
Nor that of the Queen of England words.
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance need guidance,
-and Iran needs hope,
-for individual justice and freedom under any circumstance.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, July 17, 2010

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