Haliano Diangero Poem by Timothy Long

Haliano Diangero

A sensation, a tingling, they will never know, an isolated soul, may be a ghost, no not just a ghost, a ghost king, years come by with no interaction, is this effect real, it seems as if the thoughts stalled, giggly once, bitterness gained ground more, pride leads to a grudge, what a flaw, remember me, remember me, death is since reform, grudges kill, although unknowingly a secret can as well. We all deserve to die, what a way to learn to fly, the ghost of you, was the only hope I had, remember me, fields of horrors, escape of dreams, siblings of lost, let it go, a gut wrenching feeling, nevermore, personalities change, blood spilled from their lies, blood split from their eyes, can scars become flowers? Lost time...lost casinos, olive skin, black holes for eyes, older and younger, secrets can kill, I have loved you, don't be afraid, the sun will shine once again, a new love will blossom for a thousand years, then heal for a thousand more.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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