Greedy Poem by Timothy Long


Don't believe everything you see, as real eyes see through real lies, speaking not, yet saying everything of it, like arrows shooting through the mind out of the blue, yes the human race is greedy as cold, the compulsion is too much to deny, and yet to bear new riches and tends in a defining moment in life, never is there honor in greed or wealth as well, is stupidity a factor in our lives? Or just live in genre, we are born innocent, until we falter, is anyone still innocent, why not find another way after all this time, while we can, when humans go in earthiness rich or poor, it's all flesh and blood, all the same humans are, a race of animals is all we are, greed kills, but they say who doesn't want wealth, knowing the truth helps being disillusioned is a fact, but deep down we are greedy, why can't there be peace?

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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