Halloween Nurse Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski

Halloween Nurse

I've long been waiting now,
To get the shot that keeps,
Me from turning into a sniffling cow,
Or a little lamb that squeaks.

But my nurse must be an evil witch,
As she prepares a certain shot,
Its needle made from rusty nails and pitch,
Dripping out, boiling hot.

She grabs my arm at the wrist,
Smiling teeth all rotten.
Her grip as strong as a gorilla's fist.
Her soul from hell begotten.

She spits a glob to mark the site,
A loogy, foul and green,
The site she'll stab me with delight,
This demon's evil queen.

She cocks her wrist ready to thrust,
Aiming her cursed lance,
Her gaze filled with violent lust,
And I've just wet my pants.

As the savage spike my arm does near,
I close my eyes, accept my fate.
I'm sure I'll remain, for the rest of the year,
A wasting corpse in a wooden crate.

From my dread I'm suddenly awakened,
By a voice kind and fair.
'All done, ' comforts this sweet nurse I've mistaken,
For a spawn of satan's lair.

Gently she attends to my wounded skin,
This caring nurse sweet and fair.
But later I notice my woolly shins,
My knuckles growing hair.

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