Happiness Poem by Richard Lackman


Rating: 5.0

As evening nears I pause my thoughts to recollect today
And though my prose is not a match for Poe or Hemingway
One need not be an author; published wealthy and renowned
To understand that happiness is more than just a noun

Today found me quite happy; why this was I am not sure
The morning and the afternoon were really quite obscure
No grandiose experience or fortune came my way
My work pursued in quietude was certainly blasé

Perhaps pursuing happiness prevents achieving it
For happiness is not a product of our strength or wit
It's not something we gather by the bushel such as corn
Nor are we granted it through any birthright when we're born

For those who understand it happiness comes from within
And not from whom we are or what we have or where we've been
So happiness you see is really easy to attain
Just look inside yourself and find the goodness you contain

Then let that goodness rule your thoughts and yes your actions too
While always to your values and beliefs remaining true
Then happiness will not be something you need to pursue
As happiness with all its joy will find its place in you.

Valerie Dohren 08 October 2012

Great poem Richard, very well written - good advice too.

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