Children Walking In The Rain Poem by Richard Lackman

Children Walking In The Rain

Rating: 3.9

When I scurry about on a rainy day
Acting annoyed at the rain
I sometimes remember a time far away
When I viewed raindrops with no disdain

I think of a time when I was quite young
And my brother and I would go out
With ball cap and sandals and raincoat that hung
Down to our feet all about

We delighted in plowing through puddle and pond
Formed by a strong passing storm
We discovered indeed we were equally fond
Of the air which seemed fragrant and warm

After prancing about back to mom we would go
All excited from our recent quest
Then quick to the tub with her two boys in tow
To get clean at our mother's behest

So today as I stand in my suit and dress shoes
Looking out as the raindrops are falling
I remember those days when I never withdrew
From the raindrops when they came a calling

Heather Wilson 28 April 2012

Wonderful poem, so well written, I remember jumping in puddles with wellies and splashing everyone, Oh, the joy of being young.

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Reginald Francois 05 May 2012

this is wat poems are made of they keep u wanting to read to the end I love it

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Marilyn Lott 06 May 2012

Delicious, fresh and fun. Keep posting, you are a great poet! I put you into my favorite list.

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Latisha Barker 06 May 2012

I really like this poem, reflecting on our uncomplicated childhood days, when we took the time to play and appreciate the simple things life had to offer.

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Valerie Dohren 24 April 2012

Very good one Dick - and yes, I agree, when we were young the weather didn`t seem to be such a big issue, but now I find the rain to be an annoyance (and we get plenty of it here in GB! !) . I suppose we should appreciate it more and how vital it is for our existence, especially when there are countries where they suffer from a lack of it and don`t have clean water to drink.

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 October 2018

I remember those days when I never withdrew From the raindrops when they came a calling..childhood memories and our love of nature in childhood and how we perceive nature as we grow up......... a fine contrast and a great theme.. lovely poem dear poet. thank u. tony

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shivadh 16 July 2018


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Bri Edwards 26 May 2018

i like it so far, but i had trouble reading the following line appropriately UNTIL i decided to read it as though a comma is/was after the word about. After prancing about back to mom we would go ..and here: Then quick to the tub with her two boys in tow..............i suggest putting she'd go after quick [or quickly] i enjoyed the story and rhyming and, especially, the last stanza. to MyPoemList. bri ;)

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Wes Vogler 07 November 2015

Nice to discover a straightforward rhyming poet I can connect with. I enjoyed your poem. I found it entertaining I shall go on and read some more. I am a Vancouver lad and moved to Victoria in 1944 at the age of 14 Thank you for your writing. a 10

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Babatunde Aremu 31 October 2015

A nostalgic feeling well expressed. Great poem. Kudos

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