Richard Lackman

Freshman - 643 Points (Philadelphia)

Richard Lackman Poems

1. My Last Day 2/22/2012
2. Evan 2/22/2012
3. Destiny 2/22/2012
4. Reaching The Sea 2/22/2012
5. Life's Mystery 2/22/2012
6. The Surgeon 2/24/2012
7. Worn Stairs 2/24/2012
8. Life Eternal 2/26/2012
9. The Cancer Surgeon 2/26/2012
10. Oh God I Wake To Yet Another Day 2/27/2012
11. Planning Out My Day 2/27/2012
12. Strangers On The Street 2/28/2012
13. Here And Now 2/22/2012
14. From Here To There 2/22/2012
15. I Fail To Understand What God Was Thinking 3/14/2012
16. My One True Love 3/17/2012
17. My Hospital Stay 3/25/2012
18. The Beautiful Sky 3/25/2012
19. Snow 4/11/2012
20. The Tree In My Backyard 5/7/2012
21. The Darker Side Of Man 5/13/2012
22. The Soldier 5/14/2012
23. June 5/14/2012
24. The Ever Changing Tide 5/22/2012
25. November 11/22/2012
26. Winter Is Upon Us Now 12/16/2012
27. I Always Had Intended To Retire 2/3/2013
28. The Forest Near My Home 2/3/2013
29. Poetry As A Painting 2/6/2013
30. I Fell In Love A Year Ago 2/10/2013
31. The Gentleman On A Park Bench 8/21/2013
32. Beauty 1/12/2014
33. Why Have You Gone? How Could You Go? 1/26/2014
34. Falun Gong 8/12/2015
35. Walking Beside A Railroad Track 4/10/2017
36. A Friend Named Mike 2/2/2014
37. Looking Back 11/13/2012
38. Because I Could Not Ever Bear To Say Goodbye To You 8/23/2013
39. Everlasting Love 2/16/2013
40. Old Man 4/29/2012
Best Poem of Richard Lackman

Winter Into Spring

From March back through November landscapes draped in black and white
As knife-like shadows in the forests pierced the dimming light
And even mighty rivers disappeared under the strain
Of crushing flows of ice after a night of freezing rain

For now the only sounds that crackle out through winter's hush
Are frozen pods of snow which to the ground from treetops rush
Exploding on the forest floor as from a fearsome hoard
Of Norsemen fighting wildly for their own wintry warlord

And so it is that through the coldest season of the year
We sequester deep within ...

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A Poet's Shame

I set out to write this poem and I had a simple plan.
I'd avoid all things prosaic and I'd do the best I can
To optimize the content and the grammar and the rhyme
And of course I'd tell a story that would echo for all time

I thought about the subject and the role the hero played
But when I penned the verses then I saw the hero fade
I read my lines and wondered if all poets had the same
Misunderstanding with the words and felt a poet's shame

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