Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happiness In Sight

Shackled in pain, is how you say you feel;
Shards in your heart, with no known way to heal.
Lights growing dim, the way to happiness hidden;
You seek things to help, but all are forbidden.

Crossed paths with the Devil, he tempted you with lies;
Forgo days of torture, nobody to hear your blatant cries.
But you fight through it all, the Devil has lost his fun;
But he has left you broken, burned by the pulsating sun.

In the sands of defeat, you soon sulk about;
No certain way of travel, your limbs give out.
They have carried your body, but not your soul;
For you gave that up, a very long time ago.

Your limp body lies, in the burning sands;
While beaten is your soul, with all of the damned.
You fell to his temptations, and cursed onto his side;
Through trickery and deceit, one’s soul can never hide.

To free your soul, is a challenge of it’s own;
Then to join it with your body, one can’t do alone.
Seek help in others, trust them with your life;
For once you have peers, you can win this fight.

Friends will help, for they are pure and true;
The Devil can’t live in love, thus it will defend you.
Forget not the fact, that you are not alone,
For his treacheries and evil, can be overthrown.

Cast away your fears, leave them on the flame covered ground,
And remember all of your friends, and hear the trumpets sound.
Let your soul be lifted up, from that hellish place;
And join with your body, and lift your sun-burnt face.

Travel forward across the dessert, and don’t travel astray;
Don’t forget about your friends, or your soul will be torn away.
For when they are in your mind, and exist in every thought;
All temptations on you are useless, each will die and rot.

Once you cross the desert, happiness is soon to come;
For it is across the canyon, but cannot easily be won.
To cross the canyon, you’ll need to form strong trust;
For those who don’t will fall into the abyss, it’s a definite must.

Think of those close to you, think of your greatest joys;
Believe in the thought of these, for strength you must employ.
Believe in these memories, fully and with much care;
For if you do exactly this, of the correct path you’ll become aware.

The path you may not see, and the canyon will be no different;
But listen to your heart, and you will be more coherent.
The correct path cannot be sensed, nor can it be seen;
For it is wherever you step, and crosses all the way in-between.

But to cross on the path, you’ll need to also trust in yourself;
For it measures you in purity, and not in personal wealth.
If you can take the step, in all honesty and trust;
Across the canyon you will go, with no pain or fuss.

At happiness you are, having made it through the trip;
But there’s a final test, and this one is a cinch.
Just focus not on the dark side, and more on the bright;
For this is the simple secret, to keep happiness in sight.
Mark Simmons

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