Hate And Racism Are The Daily Mail's Bread And Butter! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Hate And Racism Are The Daily Mail's Bread And Butter!

By Stanley Collymore

Unquestionably they regularly
get considerably far more
comments undeniably
triggered instinctively by the essentially
clickbait stories, routinely pertaining to
articles, which undoubtedly effectively
always, include references, regardless
of however vague, or totally irrelevant
these obviously are to Harry, Meghan,
and their children, and whether or not
to a logical and irrefutably discernibly
sensible person the article creditably
clearly has anything, to do with them.
So rather significantly, all you racists,
and haters would actually have to be
as thoroughly thick as pig shit not to
perceive, or actually understand this.

But quite obviously you clearly know
what's going but in your fucking
fatuous hypocrisy lap it all
up while cunting-well simply pretending
like the undoubtedly, evidently pathetic
assholes you obviously are, that you're
clearly sick, and tired of hearing about
Harry, Meghan and, from your actually
patently sick perspective, distinctively
make believe children! Yet discernibly
from the many comments you fire off
routinely and naturally the plethora of
them crucially proves differently. And
that your evidently kiss-me-ass, quite
empty, and simply boring lives would
be even actually duller, without Harry,
Meghan, and obviously their children
to quite constantly; literally fatuously
and furthermore simply and similarly
very safely and likewise malevolently
vent your evilly sociopathic vitriol on

You mightn't openly admit to it, but
clearly you don't need me to tell
you that stories significantly
or even solely on Kate and William for
instance, you evidently quite privately
amongst yourselves, honestly regard
as what they undoubtedly clearly are,
boring! Because very unquestionably
that's obviously very irrefutably what
these two cunts essentially are. And
it's crucially not just you maintaining
this unconvincing pretence: that you
are effectively tired of hearing about
Harry and Meghan; quite ludicrously
even the hacks that write these crap
stories rather openly, lyingly pretend
basically the same thing, but simply
know that their unquestionably very
relevant pay cheques, are decidedly
down to them clearly from their vile
virtue signalling bandwagon, rather
bombastically castigating, the truly
awful Harry, Meghan and obviously
naturally, their 'Hired' children! Lol!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
10 May 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Very significantly pleased to essentially actually see that the machete statistics have obviously, fundamentally gone up; and with clientele like you, that can only quite pleasurably escalate exponentially!

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