Haunting Dreams Poem by Chantelle Nixon

Haunting Dreams

I see the way you look at me
And tears stream down my face
The smirk that spreads on yours
Lets me know you’re
Never cared, never will
Love had never touched your heart
And how you enjoyed making me
Believe the otherwise
I wipe away my tears
Toss and turn in my sleep
All the while hearing your words
Seeing your face
Hearing your laugh
The heartbreak is unbearable
And as I watch you leave
Everything turns to red
I sit up in bed
Pull the covers to my neck
Slowly speaking the words
“... just a dream...”
“... just a dream...”
And as my body starts to warm
The coldest tears I ever tasted
Caress my face
Reality comes back to see me
I shudder at her face
She wipes my tears
But only to make room for more
“It will end soon”
Her eyes are glazed
As cold as ice
She continues with a hollow voice
“It will end too soon
And with heartache
You must deal
This is a pain that
You must get to know well
Don’t fight it, embrace
The worst pain you
Will ever come to know”
Her blank expression
And long dark figure
Overwhelm me
Reiterating the pain of
What I thought to be
Just a dream
I turn away from her
Curl up like a child
And surround myself with the covers
I close my eyes
Willing myself to sleep
Despite the tears in my way
But I lay awake for hours
Silently hoping that too soon
Will not be tomorrow

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