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A Simple Prayer

Lord Jesus, hear my cry
Be wholly in my heart
Strengthen and console us two
As we prepare to part

Remember To Smile

Remember to smile
No matter what
There’s always a reason
To just smile

Eternity's Curse

I dream of red roses with long, bloody thorns
I dream of lace gowns all ragged and torn
I dreamt of great beauty that love will not give
I dream of his door where I long to live


I’m scared
So afraid that to leave my own house
I know that in crossing the street
Taking a single breath


I want forever
I want the cozy home
Filled with chores and bills
That I would tend to

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I'm a young college student who empties her feelings through her pen! I really enjoy writing and hope to shape a career in the near future around my favorite hobby. I also love to read, study in school and go to work. I like to carry out tasks with meaning. I also love to set goals and achieve. I am a very optimistic spirit, despite some of life's hard lessons, which I have already been forced to learn in my young age.

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