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Lord Jesus, hear my cry
Be wholly in my heart
Strengthen and console us two
As we prepare to part

Remember to smile
No matter what
There’s always a reason
To just smile

I dream of red roses with long, bloody thorns
I dream of lace gowns all ragged and torn
I dreamt of great beauty that love will not give
I dream of his door where I long to live


I’m scared
So afraid that to leave my own house
I know that in crossing the street
Taking a single breath

I want forever
I want the cozy home
Filled with chores and bills
That I would tend to


I hate that I still love you
I hate that you're still here
I hate that all my dreams
Have failed and disappeared

I see the way you look at me
And tears stream down my face
The smirk that spreads on yours
Lets me know you’re


The brownest eyes, the strongest hands
I just can't help how weak I am
The sweet embrace that could last for hours
How it makes me wish this world was ours

With eyes too red
Smile too broken
You saunter around the room
Stumbling as if to a beat

I can let myself imagine
Fantasize about what I wish for most
I could dream of a divorce
About eternal bliss for us two

My heart is broken, my body is numb
I feel so alone, so frustrated and dumb
The gifts that I gave, and smiles I received
I had not one clue that I'd be deceived

Some say that it’s no way to live
To not have a love beside you
But I embrace it
Freedom is a very splendid thing

I keep screaming out to him
With my eyes, my kisses
The way I constantly love him
Too strong yet not enough

Why don't you speak; won't look me in the eye
You turn the other way, every time I pass you by
Why do you hold her close then whisper in her ear?
Yet when I open my heart to you, you cause me so much fear

The tears that touched my pillow
Were warm to the slightest touch
Reminding me of his warm and loving eyes
The tears that traced my face

Have you ever woken up
To a day where everything
Around you is gray?
And it doesn’t even matter

He’s kissing her
He’s holding her
Loving her more than me
He’s sexing her

What can I write? What can I say?
So tired, so sleepy... The teacher’s voice drones on and on
I can barely keep my eyes open
Heat has overcome me

Every time I close my eyes, I can see the heat and passion
You say my name and I can't speak
I see the glistening on your back, my chest
I can barely breathe, my mouth dry

What have I done?
Look at you, you fool
Stupid, stupid, how could you?
You were so strong

Chantelle Nixon Biography

I'm a young college student who empties her feelings through her pen! I really enjoy writing and hope to shape a career in the near future around my favorite hobby. I also love to read, study in school and go to work. I like to carry out tasks with meaning. I also love to set goals and achieve. I am a very optimistic spirit, despite some of life's hard lessons, which I have already been forced to learn in my young age.)

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A Simple Prayer

Lord Jesus, hear my cry
Be wholly in my heart
Strengthen and console us two
As we prepare to part
I look into her eyes
The tears are forming there
Be with her as she lives her life
Whenever I’m not there
Let her know we’re miles apart
But nothing will ever change
The love between two sisters
No matter what the range
Fill her heart with love
And dry away her tears
Let her know the way I feel
Will never change in years
I love her, dear Lord
Not because I must
But because she is my sister
The closest one I trust
The one who has been my shoulder
Whenever I needed to cry
The one who gave me comfort
When a relative had died
The one who encourages
Me to be so strong
The one who has been loving me
From childhood all along
She’s the one I talk to
When a boy does me wrong
She’s the one who lectures me
When I know I’m too far gone
She lifts me up
And inspires me to be better
My sister and my blood
So won’t you, Lord, let her
Know that I’m her sister
And her truest, dearest friend
And no matter what the distance
I will be there ‘til the end
Let her see my love for her
Will never ever falter
I’ll still be loving her strong
When she’s standing at the altar
Bless her, Father, for she deserves
Much more than words can say
I see You within her soul
She carries You every day
And Lord, I know You have Your will
That will guide her life
And I can already see her
Such a loving wife
A writer, an artist
A student and a daughter
Tell her please, Lord God,
That my love – my love won’t falter
What better blessing can one ask
Than that of a sister’s love
As peaceful and as graceful
As a purest, whitest dove

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