Have You Forgotten?

Have you already forgotten
the miles we walked
have you forgotten
about everything weve talked?

Everything i thought i knew
you changed it all so fast
after everything we've been through
i thought this love would last

Have you already forgotten
all the promises you made
have you forgotten
on whose bed you laid

Your hand enfolding mine
the beating of your heart
our love was so sublime
and now we're torn apart

Everything is spinning
and emotions running free
thinking of our beginning
and the fact that you left me.
So tell me that it's over
that you dont want me anymore
tearing up my four leaf clover
while you walking out the door.
Crying screaming for your touch
but not a glance you gave
the love we shared was so much
and now your being brave!
Just look at me and see my tears
the ones im crying from my heart
the ones staying for many years
the ones leaving their mark,

and tell me that you've forgotten
my touch, my love, my everything
tell me you've forgotten
the promise you made with this ring.

Sweet Seven 10 July 2006

i cant comment on the content of the poem... guess, something inside me was hurt... nice piece carike! keep it up =)

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