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This account would not have been created without the poet named Mark Anthony Mendoza and/or Francis Utada because all of my creations here were made just for him.....hope you'll enjoy reading my shared thoughts =)

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The One I Did Not Become

Hope the sun shine so bright
To make your day bright
Hope the birds can sing
The song I used to sing

I Miss Everything About You

I was walking down the hallway
When a guy pass by running away
I thought it was you for he looks like you
That time sigh was all I can do

Please Be My Strength

Please be my strength
I know its hard
But please be one

Only In Your Arms

When I feel I am an unsuccessful matured woman
I find the child in me in your arms

When I feel disappointed because of my action

My Home Is In You

A home
Doesn’t have four corner post
To call it a home and to stand on its own
As long as your love is strong

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Summer Song 12 January 2006

you are an awesome poet, i love your style :)

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