Have You Lived Your Life To The Fullest (Song) Poem by Kathleen West

Have You Lived Your Life To The Fullest (Song)

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Live each day by day
As if it were your last
And treasure all the memories of your past
Do all the things that you wanted to do
And tell someone you love em too
But most of all to yourself be true
By living each day brand new


Have you lived your life to the fullest?
Has your life over all been good?
Or do you while away the hours
With no purpose understood?
From this day on get yourself in gear
And do things with, the ones you hold dear
Cause after all the truth is quite clear
Now is the time to enjoy your life here

Sometimes I think to myself
If I were to die tomorrow
Would I be happy with the days of my past
Or would I think back, and feel sorrow
Not for all the mistakes in my life
But for the things that I wanted to try
How I wish I had taken the time
How I wish I had taken the time

Ershad Mazumder 01 September 2008

We have only one life.Let us share and care it. Do not burn your time with unknown unhappiness. One minute of unhappiness means 60 seconds of your life.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 27 August 2008

Nice song but I Have to be doing this and that.. Before you know it, what was that, that was you're life I'm afraid old chap... Andrew 10

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