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Deer hunting time is here again
And many hunters take to the woods
After months of planning with family and friends
They gather in common brotherhood

Another year has come full circle
And memories old and new
Get me thinking of how truly blessed I am
To have a father as wonderful as you

I prayed to God to send me a friend
Who had things in common with me
Someone who looks beyond here and now
Who lives life joyfully

Fill me Lord with your love
So there's room for nothing else
Please take all despair and pain away
And may your forgiveness, dear Lord, be felt


Cowgirls are special and work hard every day
They feed their own horses, and stack their own hay
They know who they are, and where they are from
Their family comes first, but when the chores are all done

It's so nice to know someone
Who thinks that way that I do
It's so nice to be in love
And know it's returned to you

I will always remember my granny
She was a woman in her own right, and loved by many
She was a woman of great strength and pride
With a character all her own, and she took things in stride

Bits of paper pressed in a book
Remembrances he wanted to keep
Obituaries of the ones he loved most
And poems that could make you weep

A year is approaching since you passed on
And so many memories come to mind
I think about all that you have meant to me
And the empty place you left behind

A man must labor all his life
But what makes him a success
Is how he lived while he was here
That seperates him from the rest

Oh, my Ireland, you're bound to me
For you're the country, I long to see
I love your courage, so shining and true
For your people died for, the love of you

Best intensions should count for something
Even if they never come true
Because it's the part of you that keep hoping
And gives you the courage to start anew

You say that you've been hurt in your life
I'll give you that it's true
Your childhood was hard to bear
So many betrayed you

Think about me and you
Think of all the changes we've been thru
The laughter and the tears
The years together

One of the things that I'm most proud of
Since I was very young
Is learning to cook and enjoying it so
And what a pleasure it has become

Memories of you are precious to me
Because memories are all that I have
The loss of you leaves a hole in my heart
And leaves me feeling alone and sad

Live each day by day
As if it were your last
And treasure all the memories of your past
Do all the things that you wanted to do

Years may come and years may go
But your love still remains so true
And this love has spread and overflows
To all of us who love you too

There is a land I dream of
A land so far away
It's held my heart since I was young
And still does to this very day

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The power of words, and how it affects people, is amazing to me. Words create understanding between people. The rhythm of a beautifully written verse, has an almost musical flow to it, and is a joy to the reader. I started writing poetry in my early teens, and ever since, have kept my best writings in a book. Some of my poems were written for a special occassion, others given as a gift, and some were written at hard times in my life. Life has many stages, and I am eager to embrace each one to the fullest!)

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Deer Hunting Time Is Here Again

Deer hunting time is here again
And many hunters take to the woods
After months of planning with family and friends
They gather in common brotherhood

It's a freedom that fills the soul of a man
With the peace of God's nature all around
Lessons that have been taught since time began
And lifelong memories and friendships are found

Hunting is taught by tradition still yet
Knowledge passed on from man to man
And you'll learn things that you'll never forget
And respect nature more, our wildlife, and our land

So all you hunters enjoy this time
May you be skilled and have lots of luck
May God bless you as you hunt today
And may you bag that ten point buck! !

Dedicated to my Father who enjoyed hunting with family and friends all of his life. He died of a heart attack on the opening day, while hunting with my brothers and uncles. He could not have asked for a better way to go, doing what he loved most!

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Eade Jung 12 November 2019

Hello Kathleen, I was wondering when you Published you're Poem called My Horse And Me? ? ? Please Email me at 52401trinitylismore.nsw.edu.au or anyone who knows when this poem was published please email me ASAP, as i need to know. Thanks you very much

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Ben Dover 24 April 2018

you got some pretty neat stuff lady

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Rusty Gibson 15 October 2010

I Love your poems! The first two had me sitting in my office crying so now everyone at work is questioning my red eyes. Thanks for the great read!

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