#2 Bits Of Paper (Song) Poem by Kathleen West

#2 Bits Of Paper (Song)

Rating: 3.5

Bits of paper pressed in a book
Remembrances he wanted to keep
Obituaries of the ones he loved most
And poems that could make you weep

These bits of paper he left behind
In a book, pages yellowed with age
It reminds me of him, and my love will never dim
And I remember, as I turn each treasured page

The songbook was written in granny's own hand
My fathers grandmother you see
She left it to him cause he was special to her
When Dad died, he left it to me

The book was written a long time ago
When granny wrote down songs she knew
The sad ones, the love songs, the songs of her day
Irish ballads and rebel songs too!

Bits of paper, in this tattered old book
Words written to ponder and love
He said we were meant to know these old songs
Or our heritage soon would be lost!

I stayed up past bedtime many nights as a child
To listen to Dad sing each song
We'd start at the front of the book and then
He would sing to me all night long

The bits of paper and this tattered old book
Are more than mere paper you see
It's the love of a song, family pride that goes on
That passed from granny, to my dad, to me

It's the love of a song, family pride that goes on
That passed from granny, to my dad, to me.

Adeline Foster 14 December 2011

The poem is well written and the sentiment is superb. A lovely poem. Read mine – I Cannot Return – Adeline

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Andrew Blakemore 06 November 2008

A wonderful story Kathleen, expertly told. Well done. Best wishes, Andrew x

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Mary Naylor 26 October 2008

This is such a touching poem! Well-crafted and so full of meaning!

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James B. Earley 10 September 2008

A poignant tribute to loved ones.....gone on! Please read 'Is Not....Perception...Reality.'

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Anita Atina 29 August 2008

Poignantly beautiful poem. What a beautiful legacy to have Kathleen.

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