First Love Poem by Kathleen West

First Love

Rating: 2.7

It's so nice to know someone
Who thinks that way that I do
It's so nice to be in love
And know it's returned to you

In time, we haven't known each other long
But somehow it seems like years
You understand the way I feel about things
And when I'm sad, you help dry my tears

Well, there's so much to say
I just don't know where to start
Things I really want you to know
I feel so much deep down in my heart
Let's just give it time to let our love show
Let's just give it time to let our love grow

anurag duggal 13 March 2009

well writers from ages have talked about love requited and unrequited...the affect are magical in both the scenarios.....lovely write inded ;)

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Marilyn Lott 12 October 2008

First love is so overwhelming. You can't eat or sleep or think the way you used to. And then, hopefully it turnes into a meaningful future. Lovely thoughts, Kathleen. A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 18 August 2008

lovely! could you read my poems too? thank you.

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Colin Jeffery 17 August 2008

I like this poem very much. Brilliant

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Joseph Poewhit 15 August 2008

Glad to hear you are in love.

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