He And She Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

He And She

She impatiently awaits his call, staring at the phone.
She preys with every part of her that he can slip away.
He’s with her, loving her going through all the motions.
He puts the kids to sleep, and lays in bed, to wait.

She spends all day primping and prepping, getting things done,
But he keeps slipping into every other one of her thoughts
He waits until he hears her breathing slow and steady.
Then he slips away silently, too smoothly to be caught.

Her heart leaps at his voice on the line, he whispers every word.
Sweet nothings to him that mean everything to her.
He hears her excitement, pleased that she needs him
She can’t wait for him to get there and make her purr.

He saunters up her steps, knowing she is waiting for him
Flush with confidence, he takes her into his arms.
She thought she could control how good he felt to her
But now that he is here she can’t help but feel safe and warm.

He gazes at her, ravenous, thankful to know he’ll finally be sated.
He loves how she will do anything to make him happy.
She fights daily with her lonesomeness, missing him
She never thought she would be left in love and lonely.

He doesn’t care what she might be doing, he calls at every free moment.
He must begin to see that she has given herself to him.
She doesn’t think of anyone else, for her there is only one man
She is constantly on call to him, catering to his every whim.

He gloats inwardly at is prowess, no other man can compare.
He has one to do all the work, and one that lives to please his desires.
She knows that this is unfair, she longs to hold him for hours like her
Sometimes she wishes she could be the one waiting at home for their liar.

He finds himself straining with conflict, as her suspicions rise.
She suspects him, but with no proof, she may never find out.
She doesn’t want to hurt her or the family. That was never her intention.
She knows how wrong this is, she knows how deep she is, she begins to think about…

He denies and smoothes over, He feels her scrutiny, and the others growing affection.
He knows she loves him, he decides it’s better for him to let her become attached.
She tries to hide it, but she just doesn’t want to let him go, his smell his touch…
She dreams of his voice, the taste of him, and the sound of his laugh.

He uses her over and over, taking his fill. He leaves to go back to his woman.
He snuggles against a warm and welcoming body, wakes to a smile and a kiss.
She is left inside an empty house, nothing but a cold and lonely bed.
She loves him but she cannot keep putting her self through this.

He is loved on all sides. Both of his women miss him while he is away.
And what does it cost him? A few well placed lies, and hushed calls on the phone.
Her heart simply swells with more love for him every time he walks through her door.
She could never break up another woman’s family, so she knows she must let him go.

So she answers his four o clock in the morning phone call for the last time.
She knows after this it will be over, so she surrenders herself to him completely.
He can tell there is something deeper about her tonight, he can feel it in her touch.
The way she tenderly strokes every part of him, kissing each one so sweetly.

She wonders if he can sense how badly she wants to keep him for her own
She wishes she could tell him how in another life, he would be the one.
He loved how he could just sit and talk to her about nothing for hours,
And how he could let out his sadistic side, without making her want to run.

She was amazed how much she trusted him, how she let him take her.
A man with deception on his lips and destruction in his step.
He had known she could be his right away, immediately thought to take her.
He still had no idea how he knew that the first minute they met.

She could never tell him, the closeness she would miss, his arsenic smile,
Or the way his voice shivered through her, because she knew he didn’t feel the same.
He had never been dishonest with her about what he wanted.
If she got hurt, if things went wrong she would only have herself to blame.

He decided to reward her for the extra care she had taken, pleasing him
He held her to his damp chest, listening to her gently breathing
And she kissed him over and over as he got dressed, his stomach, and his chest.
She pulled him against her tightly and let him go, the last time she watched him leaving.

He went home to her, someone he still loves, but he will never feel loved enough by her.
He knows it isn’t her fault, so he will always try to protect her from who he is.
She aches inside, but knows she is right. She longs to go to him again
But in the flesh she would never deny him, a hug, a touch, another kiss.

He feels inadequate, why won’t she answer his calls, why doesn’t she call him…
She has another now, but surely he doesn’t please her the way I do.
She embraces her choice, wondering why the right thing hurts so badly.
Over time it gets easier, she learns to enjoy loving with nothing to prove.

He never imagined someone getting rid of him first, without a word.
It is usually him that leaves others alone in his russet dust.
She was so afraid the entire time that one of their trysts would end in pain for all.
After she lost his baby, she feared the pain he might have been born into because of lust.

He never knew what made her so sure, what made her cut him off so fast.
I’m sure he immediately found someone new to once again fill that hole.
In the end, something that was supposed to be nothing, became everything for a while
And she will carry those special moments forever, in the most secret part of her soul.


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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