Tamra Craft Poems

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To Great Grandma Ott On Mothers Day

When I think about growing old some day
I smile because I think of you.
Of all the loving words you say
And the generous things you do.

Curiosity Quenched

Sometimes while walking the golden path,
You come across a silver one.
Glistening in the moon light, you turn
Never realizing what you’ve done.

My Baby Girl

So innocent and sweet, perfection could not come close
Your tiny lips form a big yawn and I can’t help but to think,
Why would the gods grant me with such a blessing as her?
What did I do to deserve this angel wrapped in pink?

The Blue-Jay Misses

As she undoes the latch and pushes open the door
The blue-jays breath catches, he wants to say something but can’t.
Before she turns to smile, she re-latches it behind her.
The Blue-Jay reaches out to her silently, if only she could understand.

You Left Me

Tormented by memories, once so pleasant
Now they torture me into tears.

Smiles I will never see again

Two Trees

An affection grown from pubescent soil, watered with innocent infatuation
Leaves of dreams gently budding, off naïve branches of a youth shortened.

The roots, ventricles of a choice-less heart, her fate twisted by a mothers hate.

My Blessing

Tiny flutters fill my eyes with tears

A happiness I never thought I could feel.

Blood Lust

Dark red lips trace your neck, trailing down your chest
I can’t control my lust once I’ve caught the scent of you

Your smooth flesh burns where my chilled lips brush

Rainbows In The Water

Rainbows in the water
Rippling around you
An impossible vision
Of what life is to be.

Soul Intact

Sanguine fluid hemorrhaging from a contrary source
My credence wavers at your broken promises
I once abjured all of your fatuous wars
Until I too was branded on your canvas’