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To Great Grandma Ott On Mothers Day

When I think about growing old some day
I smile because I think of you.
Of all the loving words you say
And the generous things you do.

Curiosity Quenched

Sometimes while walking the golden path,
You come across a silver one.
Glistening in the moon light, you turn
Never realizing what you’ve done.

My Baby Girl

So innocent and sweet, perfection could not come close
Your tiny lips form a big yawn and I can’t help but to think,
Why would the gods grant me with such a blessing as her?
What did I do to deserve this angel wrapped in pink?

The Blue-Jay Misses

As she undoes the latch and pushes open the door
The blue-jays breath catches, he wants to say something but can’t.
Before she turns to smile, she re-latches it behind her.
The Blue-Jay reaches out to her silently, if only she could understand.

You Left Me

Tormented by memories, once so pleasant
Now they torture me into tears.

Smiles I will never see again

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Well, once again I find myself at the part where I must share who I am with you. Strangers soon to be friends. I was born and raised far up north in Green bay Wisconsin. I cannot say I ever felt that was where I was meant to be. From the beginning of my memories I dreamed of Sandy beaches, clear blue water...Golden and russet deserts and regal moun ...

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