He Left Poem by Michael Eziudo

He Left

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Once the tree looked withered and dried
For years sprouting seemed far
Was it summer or winter
Or planting season or harvest that showed
It didn't seem like it was like a tree by the riverbank planted
That would bear fruit in season and out of season
And then the sun shone
And It's bright light dried a thousand tears

Ugo ọma came like a dawn
Became a company to the forlorn
It brought more drizzling than the mountain dew
Finding oasis on the plateaux of many searches was long overdue
And gates to the land flowing with milk and honey opened
Then the sun smiled down on us

Smile? Short-lived it is as
As the smile of the sun it seems comes now like a bee stung
More painful it is than the scorpion's sting
Casting our bread softly and letting it down for it to fly
Was this moment waiting forever in the sky
Should you have preferred to dine with droughts to extend eternity far longer
Who thought the smile of the sun would be a mirage
If we had known better
If we had known better we'd put on camouflage
Then the sun would keep his smile to himself

Memories we made are in our palms now like butterfly
In our hearts they're too heavy drawing tears so we might cry
But we can't cry forever else
Else the sweet times shared won't have a place for effulgence
We will keep them in our palms
Us and the two young bulbs
Since there of the dilemma is the strongest

Nadawo, we bid farewell, nna anyi
You fought a good fight ọyi anyi
You conqered the universe and brought home victory
If you lived longer, you'd defeat harder
But you have let go
In tears we say okay
If letting go is what life is all about
We have nothing more to say
Nadawo! Jee nkọma, okosisi.

He Left
Kingsley Egbukole 26 October 2023

A worthy farewell for a deserving soul. Beautifully written

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Michael Eziudo 20 November 2023

Thanks a lot

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Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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