Health Affairs Poem by Clinton Siegle

Health Affairs

Health Affairs
earth needs to be healthy
Air needs to be healthy
Live love with laughter to be healthy
Time is but a reality in this moment to be healthy
Affairs actions to be healthy
Frequently affects the environemnt to be healthy
From healthy to affairs causing health
Air brings fresh health
Indeed air brings fresh health
Reality is but a moment in the air of health
Sensible air of health

Climate Change Effects on Mother Earth
Live life within laughter of Mother Earth
Indeed life is that which comes from Mother Earth
Mother Earth living change affects us all on earth
Alive is Mother Earth
Time is but a moment in reality for Mother Earth
Eternity will remember this moment in time of Mother Earth
Change happens on this planet called earth
Happens daily with people, plants, animals, seas, oceans, fish on earth
Alive is this planet called earth
Needs some reforesting this planet called earth
Gravity befalls the forest of earth
Eternity will remember the forest with on earth
Mother Earth sounds of change on earth
Open to winds change of earth
Time is such a reality on earth
Home is Mother Earth
Eternity will change with time the earth
Reality is but time to this earth
Earth a planet with life this time
Alive with life this time
Reality for this planet this time
Time will change Mother earth with time
Home to humankind with time
Health is wonderful thoughts of desire
eternity will remember your hearts desire
Affairs of the heart desires
love life within laughter of your desire
time is but a health remembrance of desire
health is what we as humans mostly desire

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