Hear My Call Poem by Sadie Vanity

Hear My Call

Hear my call i am crying
it feels like my heart is slowly dying
i know im loved but some times its like they are lying
i am burning and bleeding infront of their eyes
this is why i cannot utter the words goodbye
standing here crying with a flame in my hand
and a flame in my heart
but everyone i love is ripping me apart
like a fresh flesh wound my wrists bleed
my broken heart increases pulsing speed
nothing is going right
everything is going wrong
even that shooting star cant help
i come to find everything happens for a reason
even when everything is messed up and stays that way
there is no such thing as a perfect happy day
people die all over so for some people in the world
everything seems hopless
everything seems dead
and people say its all in there head
it isnt its all around
its like getting lost and never being found
and as my heart starts to pound
everyone gets these feelings
everything goes around
its not just carma
some times things just happen
weather it is for better or for worse
even the best of us feel like this
but there is always someone worse off then you
no matter how you look at it
life is like being bit
it could heal and be good
or it can get infected and be bad
all you need is someone there
to hold you up so you dont fall
teach you how to walk
teach you how to crawl
and everything else in life
but some times all someone could have
is themselves and they learn things the hard way on their own
they are people too and they have a heart and soul
just like everyone else
so now matter how you look at it things can be different
or just stay the same but really for the bad no ones to blame
and stuff may never change but always keep the ones you love close
and keep your head held high and i promise everything will be something
so treasure everyday, every second and every moment on this earth
no matter who you are, how bad your life is or how bad you feel
cuz one day could be your last
treasure every pleasure, moment and joy
hear my call i have spoken out

Jay Boyd 15 April 2009

great poem. alot of emotion

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