The Worrier Poem by Sadie Vanity

The Worrier

In my room i feel a great sadness
its like sleeping is no option
has no point
my mind blocks my will to dream
feeling nothing but sadness
floating through my body
resisting the urge to cry
i wont let it take over me
refusing the impulse
to think of the person who encourages the sadness to spread
trying to block it all out
like a worrior fighting a battle on her own
as the monster she so desperately fears moves toward her slowly
thinking it is unseen, unheard
she knows its there and she uses one of her powers
one of the little she poses and knows
as she casts her spell on the demon infront of her
face to face they are
trying to make her demon fall like hard rain
even though she feels alone
she quickly moves drawing her dagger
and plunging it hard into the monster she fears
it is wounded but dose not fall
as a strong wind blows and hits her body like shards of glass
she summons her inner self to finish the great monster off
her soul takes over
wrapping itself around the creature
slowly sucking out its soul
the demon falls as the inner worrier once again
returns to its body
once again the worrier herself takes control
slicing the creature open
and gently ripping out its heart
symbolizing that she herself conquered the thing she feared moste
and once again regains her powers plus alot more
and she holds the heart keeping it with her as a reminder
that she battled and destroyed the sadness on her own,
that worrier is me.

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