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An Angel's Deadly Kiss

an angel's deadly kiss
tastes so sweet...

An angel's deadly kiss is like a satanic's oasis

How Can You Love Me?

I push you away
i hell you to leave
Yet you wish to stay
How can you love me?

Secrets Of Passion

Shivers and cries
Secrets of passion
Kisses you and lies
Secrets of passion

A Prisoner's Tale

Its dark and about 3: 00am
everything is quiet, hours past
about 6: 00 or 7: 00 in the morning
the sun's rays invade the lifeless,

Between 2 Lines

Lies life or death
between 2 lines
enable grief or happiness
between 2 lines

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Rainn 15 January 2020

Jeffrey, Your poetry is astounding. I hope you continue to write, and to post. Your work should be shared. You are special.

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3mvi 3mvi 29 May 2008

You really have some shouting rhymes there friend.....wish u the best of luck, don't worry keep u're head up the world WILL CHANGE

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Hi everybody my name is Jeffrey I'm 17 yrs old and i live in elgin, TX. i was born in houston, TX and moved around all my life 1st from houston to bastrop then back to houston then all around houston then back to bastrop and then to houston then back to bastrop then here to elgin and now probably to round rock, TX. I dont really have any hobbies so thats is all for now.

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