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Unforgettable Memory

By noon, my life turned upside down.
Turned to shallow and panicky.
When all your bags were packed up.
When you were ready to go.

Doomy Life

I live with no peace but wrath.
With pain devouring my heart.
Not everyone feels me inside.
Impediments controlled my life.

An Everlasting Love

'I gazed in wonder at the sky.
Staring, thinking, saying why
Doth the space reflect her eyes?
For the stars have many ties.

Fast Food

'Beauty was made from her eyes.
Soon they move, I fly into the skies.
Your charming eyes are my light.
When truely at night I lose my sight.

When The Invaders Come

Only home is worthy of my all.
To him I donate my integral soul.
My senses are full of patriotism.
When time comes I'm in realism.

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Omar Jabak 27 April 2009

Honestly, the poem is an artistic creation, despite its pessimistic undetones. I like it because I do have moments of the same feeling and wish I said the same if not even more depressing words. You are a poet(ess) indeed. I look forward to hearing something more heart warming and soul lifting next time! !

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