Heather Poem by Randy McClave


She came knocking on my front door
At first I thought that she was needy or poor,
As I have given to them many times before
Maybe I needed to give and help them once more.

Many times I have heard a knock or my doorbell ring
And me never knowing what that interruption might bring,
So, I go to the door not knowing anything
And if someone needs my help, I'll place them under my wing.

One day on my front door I heard a gentle knock
It was as timid as a pebble, and not as bold as a rock,
I smiled and I snickered as a mock
Because, only at night my front door do I ever lock.

I answered the front door and there she stood smiling
I looked at her as though I was profiling,
Compliments upon me and my soul she was piling
And her looks and her voice and her mannerisms were beguiling.

She came to my door to talk to me about her belief
She told me how her religion turned her over a new everlasting leaf,
Now in her new life their is joy and wonder without grief
And how it also brought herself salvation and relief.

We had a lot in common from our religion we did discuss
Because of our Lord, we neither did smoke, drink, judge or cuss,
And we both followed our teachings from childhood and thus
And we both love our savior, Jesus.

I am a Baptist from my youth, but she is not
So, of course from different Bibles we both were taught,
But, the same love of Jesus we both got
And of course a different religion neither one of us has sought.

I told her with a smile my religion did the very same
In life we are two different teams playing the very same game,
But, both our beliefs go by a different name
And that discussion started, from her knock on my doorframe.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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