"Hello! " Poem by Richard W. Jenkins

"Hello! "

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I remember best....
your breath
kissing my skin
on autumn nights,
when your soft voice
quilted my dreams
with sighs.

It wasn't so long ago....
when we dreamed together.

Even our eyes were twins
mirroring wildflowers
in the meadows,
our laughter....
holding hands with the stars.

Countless trips to The Bistro
satisfied our stomachs...
chili con queso with chips
and margaritas,
the food of those who have
too little time to eat,
too little time to be distracted
from the religion
of making love.

for just one more moment,
one more chance to know
the texture of your tongue,
the mystery of your
"I want you" eyes.

Even now...
I worship your mouth,
giving thanks to the gods,
for gifting me you,
for making me more
than I would have been
if your soft, sweet lips
had never whispered,
"Hello! "

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: sensual
Chinedu Dike 27 November 2017

Beautiful romantic piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Richard.

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Richard 28 November 2017

Thank you most gratefully and humbly, Sir Poet. 😌 It is a sincere joy to know I've pleased a fellow writer in such a way as to receive you encouraging praise and expressed appreciation. I thank you, as-well … many bright blessings! ⁓ Richard

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Richard W. Jenkins

Richard W. Jenkins

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