Help Ukraine Poem by ER Bron Chiong, RSW

Help Ukraine

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Did you realize how urgent this plea is
what's makes this appeal so relevant today
the invasion in the morning of February the 24th
is just a continuation of Russian annexation of 2014
the big-headed leader of the largest nation in Europe
thought it's right for him to show his might once more
against the people of the second largest country
of the old Russian federation that collapsed in 1991
gains its temporary independence, from multiple direction
as the Russians missiles and airstrikes came across

Fear not my dearest brethren of modern Ukraine
the world is watching so close as you can see
to fight for all of your rights is the only option
you're so brave and courageous to face this alone
cheers the world with joy as you strike at their faces
still the EEC tries it best to intervene on your behalf
but the proud Russian leader warns the West
interprets this as act of rebellion of allied forces
so rest assured of our concert prayers to intercede
mighty forces of abundance from a loving God above

Tens of thousands lives had perished once again
with the greatest losses of all at the Russians' side
misplaced children, women of various ages and old folks
victims of this insane malady and unjust atrocities
created by a greedy and reckless fool of all fools
so quite similar to the distant Germany of WWII
that almost crushed the entire Jewish race on earth
but the merciful Lord of host never slumber or sleep
just in time to be on their side and defend his chosen heir
fulfills his promise to Abraham, Isaac and Israel

Arise once more, Ukraine, go and fight to the last
against the tyranny of that sole and selfish man
like the Goliath of young David's days of old
beat him deadly dangerous with a sling and stones
put your trust in a much greater and mighty God
whose interventions make people all around to sigh
think this will surely come to an end as planned
truly the good God of the universe will show his feat
to all those who earnestly seek for his will to help
his total victory where he will put the proud to shame

ER Bron Chiong,22May2022 @19: 55


YO! GOD is just and true t0 all his pr0mises...
ER Bron Chiong, RSW 25 May 2022

YO! Thanks f0r appreciating my w0rk...let's d0 8! Help Ukraine with 0ur prayERs!

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Chinedu Dike 24 May 2022

Well articuated and nicely brought forth with conviction. An insightful piece of poetry written from the heart. Slava Ukraini!

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YO! Thanks! Let's help Ukraine by 0ur prayERs and supp0rt...let's D0 8!

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