ER Bron Chiong, RSW Poems

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Donde Estas Tu (Chavacano De Zamboanga)

Con mi amigos y amigas
donde estas ustedes ahora
tiene ya cuarenta y ocho años que ya pasa
no hay yo ya oi con ustedes todos alli

New Song

Sing to me a new song
that inspires my heart to beat
the tribal drums flare out loud
dancers swaying their hips


Accept what you want
Choose what is best
Think for yourself
is the right way to act…

Help Ukraine

Did you realize how urgent this plea is
what's makes this appeal so relevant today
the invasion in the morning of February the 24th
is just a continuation of Russian annexation of 2014

Why Languages

Why Languages
7100 or more languages in today's world
creates a diverse and beauty among us all
the known universal languages--

At Breakfast

Just an ordinary breakfast
very simple to prepare
a glass of hot chocolate
or a mug of green tea

Four Prayers

4 Prayers
O LORD help me
be merciful to me...

So Unique

So Unique
What make these words so unique?
Astute, burst, calmness and canopy
Costume, defender, flight, tight and weight?

A Lad's Creativity

A boy I once observed
in an activity he did in class
curious in his quick keen action
without a compass he used two pens

The Wedding

Today I witnessed a couple
publicly announcing their vows
'to love and to cherish' until the end
with such an old but powerful line

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