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Con mi amigos y amigas
donde estas ustedes ahora
tiene ya cuarenta y ocho años que ya pasa
no hay yo ya oi con ustedes todos alli

Sing to me a new song
that inspires my heart to beat
the tribal drums flare out loud
dancers swaying their hips


Accept what you want
Choose what is best
Think for yourself
is the right way to act…

Did you realize how urgent this plea is
what's makes this appeal so relevant today
the invasion in the morning of February the 24th
is just a continuation of Russian annexation of 2014

Why Languages
7100 or more languages in today's world
creates a diverse and beauty among us all
the known universal languages--

one loving father
for all global fathers
the kids of the world
celebrates 2nd Sunday

4 Prayers
O LORD help me
be merciful to me...

Just an ordinary breakfast
very simple to prepare
a glass of hot chocolate
or a mug of green tea

Three years of the dangerous COVID-19 plague
the deadly germ that came from Central SE China
where the cradle of urban civilization in the Yangtze River
a city known for its 3500 years of history

Couples whom you may know
Name them one by one
In ancient times of long ago
Or in this contemporary world

Let's play a game
A game of mere words
Words of phrases
Some verbal phrase

As the night grows older
Lays naked in the sand
Wind blows so brutal hard
Tides flip-flops its rage

Are you ready
with a sheet of paper
and a handy pencil or a pen
to rate my piece

What a strange term
in the English language
six-syllable word
talks much about sounds

Can't imagine
This world without war
Nor bullies to exert
Their arrogance stance

Being here by your side
is my great privilege
to be with you
in times of such time

Who can tell the real me
the true me except myself
I dare you who believe otherwise
not even my parents

What makes you marvel
at the wonders of life
the magical moment of truth
that lies beyond our midst

there's a familiar corner
at the back of the room
where the niche is perfect
for people like you and me

End of May
I can't imagine
that this is quite possible
I started writing poems

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Wrytyng my th0ts s a pasy0n and 2 share 8 s a blsg...B 8 in English 0r in Chavacan0 D Zamb0anga, my bel0ved lingua franca and I am pr0ud 0f 8! -- ER Br0n Chi0ng, RSW)

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Donde Estas Tu (Chavacano De Zamboanga)

Con mi amigos y amigas
donde estas ustedes ahora
tiene ya cuarenta y ocho años que ya pasa
no hay yo ya oi con ustedes todos alli

Que tal ya tu vida este tiempo
cosa ya que pasa con ustedes todos
no sabe yo que donde tu ya mobe
esta pirmi en mi ciudad o otro pais

Conoce pa tu con migo
Ya acorda pa tu el favorito juego
Todos otros ta huga en nuestra escuela
Quien el tu favorito maestra

Tiene tu cosa ta acorda cuando somo pequeños
Cosa tu favorito momento cuando joven
Perdona conmigo porque mucha pregunta
Bien solo curioso que cosa ya pasa

ER Bron Chiong, RSW
9 de August0 2022 @ 5: 30 de madrugada
Much0 pregunta, amig0…

NOTE: M0Dfyd D pyx taken fr0m D net...tnx 2D 0wnERs

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ER Bron Chiong, RSW Quotes

Y0ur life is a gift fr0m it abundantly f0r his ultimate gl0ry!

D0 evERything right even if pe0ple are displease with y0ur acti0n.

My business in life is NOT t0 please any0ne but the GOD wh0 created me in his image.

Our 0nly r0le m0del is 0ur l0ving FathER ab0ve...f0ll0w him daily and he w0n't let y0u d0wn...

If y0u have l0ve in y0ur life...y0u're in the right track.

A life w0rth f0ll0wing is a life w0rth living.

I am wh0 I am--that's the real me whethER y0u like it OR not!

F0r me, the true definiti0n 0f friendship is t0 be abused, c0nfused, manipulated and used.

In evERything, d0 y0ur vERy BEST!

LOVE y0ur life, live y0ur WORTH!

Only 0ne life--live it that way y0u want it t0 be!

HAPPINESS is being true t0 wh0 y0u really are!

Five imp0rtant tasks 0f living--t0 express, l0ve, share, write and f0rgive.

Taste me and see what's my w0rth...

G00d 0r bad lies in y0ur hands...its the mannER h0w y0u handle 0r treat these things...

Say anything and regret it latER...

Being true t0 y0urself is being fair t0 evERy0ne.

Be brief and say it all.

Its g00d t0 remain silent when needed...this will n0t c0st y0u much.

Say whatevER y0u want BUT d0n't blame me f0r the c0nsequence...

T0 live is t0 die and t0 die is t0 live f0revER...

C0ntentment is accepting t0 the fullest what life brings...

Be 0pen...that's what makes life valuable.

Pr0ud t0 be ME! That's 100% 0f wh0 I am...

EithER 0f the way 0R n0ne at all!

My 0nly regret is NOT living the full me!

Live the way y0u want it.

Smile...that's y0ur BEST asset!

The w0rld is a bettER place if all 0f us live 0ur lives truthfully...

What y0u can see is what y0u will get.

Simplicity is the BEST way t0 live...just live it right!

D0 what y0u enj0y m0st, l0ve what y0u have d0ne and share y0urself with0ut the benefit 0f d0ubt.

Believe in y0urself and be the pERs0n that GOD created y0u t0 be, all f0r his gl0ry!

Be true t0 y0urself...just be y0urself, the real y0u!

The real beauty 0f being y0u is just being wh0 y0u are, created in the image 0f GOD!

D0 g00d by being a peace makER!

Help s0lve pr0blems NOT add much m0re...we already have m0re than en0ugh!

The beauty 0f the w0rld is G0D's gift t0 us...c0nsERve it f0r the next genERati0n t0 enj0y!

D0 what is right even if y0u are all al0ne...

Entrust things 0nly t0 the right pe0ple if they are sERi0us en0ugh t0 face the c0nsequence 0f their acti0ns.

It's always bettER t0 be y0urself NOT a mERe c0pycat.

NOT being wh0 y0u are is the greatest pr0blem 0n earth!

The BEST less0n in life is t0 learn t0 live freely with0ut regrets.

The g0al 0f living is t0 enj0y the simplicity 0f life!

The essentials 0f life is free--the air we breathe, the heat 0f the sun, the grace and l0ve 0f GOD, the 0pti0n t0 ch00se, and the freed0m t0 decide. What m0re will y0u ask?

Y0u are what y0u are--what y0u d0, what y0u eat and what y0u think!

The best 0pti0n t0 live is just being Y0U!

Av0id pr0blems by being wh0 y0u are...

Being true to y0urself IS the best way t0 live...

GOD kn0ws wh0 y0u are...s0 live it!

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